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Starting Up the Radio

Posted by dogtrax on October 1, 2006


We are hoping to create a community of student voices throught this Weblog site in which audiocasts/podcasts will play a critical role in the ways in which young people can express their ideas, interact with each other and consider issues on both local and global scales. In doing so, we hope to plant some seeds of understanding among them.

Their voices need to be heard and this site is being designed to help them do that.

So, where are we from?

So far:

  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Washington DC
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Puerto Rico (working on it)
  • Phillipines (hopefully)
  • and more will be listed soon.

As a first step, you can listen to students at Norris Elementary School in Southampton on the first day of school this year as they consider either the things they are looking forward to or the things they are worrying about.

Norris Students on the First Day of School

— Kevin H.

11 Responses to “Starting Up the Radio”

  1. vinnie said


    We were wondering how you play quidditch at Norris.

  2. Frank said

    Hi… how is the weather like in massachusetts? We are now in late october, Here in California it is sunny and about 80 degress.

  3. Katie said

    Hi. I am wondering what quidditch is.

  4. Knoble said

    Hi, I’m really excited about our new podcast we have been working on!

  5. Trevor said

    I’m Trevor i was wondering how do you play quidditch.

  6. Pia said


    I’m Pia.

    The way you play Quidditch is that there are 11 players on court for each team. There are three Chasers, who go around trying to catch the quaffle, which usually are just foam balls. The Beaters are two people who go around with colored balls, the same color as their team, and try to hit people with it. Whoever gets hit has to kneel down for 5 seconds. The Seeker has to try and catch the Snitch, a foxtail. And the Launchers, who are on the sideline, throw the Snitch back and forth trying to get the Snitch to their own team-mate.

    And that’s Quidditch for ya. =)

  7. missy said

    hi there!
    this is missy and for those of you who were wondering what quidditch is your at the right comment…
    well, quidditch is sorta’ hard to explain if you didn’t or havent read Harry Potter.
    there are 2 seekers (one for each team)who try to catch a ball in their own little buckets , there are beaters who are thowing soft balls and are tring not to get hit themselves. if they do get hit,they squat on the ground and count to ten then they get up and continue playing.there is the obvious player (goalie ) or as we call it, KEEPER . who well ,duh, tries not to let any goals in the net.there are the chasers who try to get a goal and there are sidelines who are tring to thow the seekers the ball .
    nah,just kidding, we have magical flying brooms and we play in the air man i love this game!not really, it was actually the first one! smiles!

  8. Erika said

    Hello this is Erika from Butler Elementary school just outside of Sacromento. I was just wondering what is the weather like in Masschusetts? Is it snowing yet?

  9. Erika said

    Hi, this Erika from Butler.And one game we get to play at the end of the year is a basketball game between the students and the teachers. Last year the teachers won, but this year there going down!

  10. Haylee said

    I never heard of quitich before i was involved in youth radio. It’s cool that you have different games than we do.

  11. katie said

    Hey, we all have different games we all like to play and hobbies we like to do. I like to play soccer(futbol) and my hobbies are drag racing and getting involved with cars. How about sharing hobbies and games from around the world??


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