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Do you think the Internet is safe?

Posted by dogtrax on October 3, 2006

Norris Elementary School

(William E. Norris Elementary School — Southampton, Massachusetts — View our CommunityWalk Map)

In Massachusetts, two sixth grade students sat down to think and talk about whether or not the Internet is a safe place for young adults to be. Devon and Missy discuss the dangers they see with some sites, and the benefits of on-line activities.

Listen in to the Conversation

(We are working on our equipment, so you should ignore the moving of the microphone during the interview session. Sorry about that.)

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4 Responses to “Do you think the Internet is safe?”

  1. Thank you for providing some excellent guidelines to Internet safety. The great thing about using a podcasting format is that a) your message is online, so I can make it available to other students anywhere in the nation, and b) since it’s a podcast, reading levels would not be an obstacle to understanding your message. Good job!

  2. Great! I miss this activity with our students. Let me squeeze in my schedule some podcast recordings with my students…

  3. Zoya said

    I thought it was very helpful and gave me fact’s about how to be safe on the inernet.

    From. Zoya

  4. 1sjt24 said

    I think that sometimes the internet is safe and sometimes it’s not. It is safe if you research on something you need not what is wanted. Like when someone is using the internet to see some pictures that is illegal and some are forced just to do stuff in the internet.

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