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Celebrating Peace

Posted by dogtrax on October 20, 2006

The Peace Poster Project: Celebrating Peace in the World
Listen to the Audiocast


Students in Southampton, Massachusetts, have been working on creating Peace Posters. The project is supported by the local Lion’s Club as a way to foster understanding of peace in the world through artistic expression.
Sixth Grader Kathryn takes you on an audio tour of the art classroom, asking these young people to explain the themes and symbols in their posters. Listen in as the students think about the meaning of a peaceful world.

What symbols would YOU use to represent a celebration of peace? Use the comment feature down below to record your thoughts.








3 Responses to “Celebrating Peace”

  1. youthradio said

    Good thinking! Your posters and ideas were very creative. We thought that you did a great job recording your audiocast by yourselves. It was easy to understand. The music made your cast more alive.

    We think you had good ways of interepting peace. Peace is a good thing to choose, especially during this time of war.

    Please be on the lookout for our audiocast coming your way soon!!

    Your friends in Colorado!

  2. Mr. Hodgson said

    I just wanted to check the comment feature here. But I am always amazed and inspired to watch my students engaged with their work and the peace posters are shaping up to be amazing pieces of art.

    Mr. Hodgson

  3. erika said

    Hi, this is Erika from Butler elementary school, just outside of Sacromento. I just wanted to say, your guys’s art work was very good, a lot better than mine anyways. I also wanted to ask you something dealing with our posters.If you were presiedent of the United States of America what would you do to settle peace and stop terroist in Iraq?

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