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Hello from California

Posted by dogtrax on October 26, 2006

Hello to the Youth Radio community! We would like to share a bit about our community – Sacramento, California. Our school, Arthur C. Butler, is actually located a little south of Sacramento in an area called Elk Grove. We’re just about mid-way between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Today’s podcast is our first, and we are looking forward to many more.


27 Responses to “Hello from California”

  1. Knoble said

    Hi, this is one of the students from Butler and I’m glad that our podcast is finally on the website!!

  2. Trevor said

    that was so fun

  3. erika said

    Hi, this is Erika from Butler, and I am so excited our class has finally put a podcast on the youth radio website!

  4. Vinnie said

    Hi this is Vinnie from Butler, I’m glad I’m able to participate in such an exciting project. I hope you kids from all around the nation comment on our podcasts. It will be much more fun if we can get some feedback on all of our podcasts. Thank you creators of this project, Im looking foward to some real fun with podcasting.

  5. Hoa said

    Hi my name is Hoa and I’m from Arthur C. Butler. I’m am very glad to finally post our first podcast.

  6. ethan said

    Hi Erika. My name is Ethan. What is panning for gold? It sounds fun and Arnold S. — how is he as governor? Hope to write to you people again.

    See ya!

  7. heniek said

    Hi, my name is Heniek. my nickname is Hank the tank.

    I like hunting pheasants at the farm and Shad fishing in the Connecticut River.

  8. tyler said

    My grandma lives in Washington and her sister lives in California. I like the color ruby red. It’s cold over here. HAlloween is awesome. Candy is awesome.

  9. heniek said

    How are the waves down there?

  10. tyler said

    your podcast was awesome. how is your governor? see you on the flip side.

  11. ethan said

    Hi Mr. Faires. Is there a type of game you play at your school?

    Sea Ya!

  12. Devon said

    Here in Massachusetts, it is super cold. Just this morning,it was 25 degrees farenheit! I can’t believe that it is 80 degrees farenhiet where you guys (and girls) are. How hot is it in the summer over there?
    Oh yea, I almost forgot about Quittich! It is a very exciting fast paced game. If you havn’t read Harry Potter, you probably don’t know what Quittich is, but if you have read it, you will have heard of Quittich. Well, there are two seekers, one for each team, that are trying to catch foxtails that people from the sidelines throw in a plastic bucket to score points. There are two, again one on each team, beaters that are trying to throw soft foam balls at people and the people that get hit have to kneel down or 5 seconds. Chasers try to throw a ball in a goal
    The keeper trys to defend the goal.
    well, tata for now!

    P.S Hi

    P.S.S Double hi

    P.S.S.S no more P.S’s

    P.S.S.S.S sorry i couldn’t help myself! : )

  13. Samantha said

    Hi Tyler this is Samantha and I just wanted to say that our governor is a great guy. He is also in some kind of movie my dad watches. Well I guess I will reply to you later. BYE!!!

  14. Knoble said

    Hi, this is Knoble from Butler. Your game of Quittich sounds fun! Since when have you played it?

  15. Crystal said

    Hi I’m Crystal from Butler and I wanted to know what you guys in Massachusetts are studing in history and Science?

  16. Vinnie said

    Hi, it’s Vinnie from Butler. Your game of quidditch sounds really fun. What are you studing in Massachusetts.

  17. Trevor said

    Arnold S. is an alright govenor. Tyler, he’s kinda getting a bad rep. How’s Massachusetts?

  18. youthradio said

    Dear Aurther C. Butler 6th grade,
    We think you had alot of history in your podcast. We think your town sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Mississippi pals,
    Jesse & Tyler
    P.S WE LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. erika said

    Hi, Ethan this is Erika. Well panning for gold is when you go to a freezing cold river and with you, you have a pan and a cradle. When you have all your tools you go down to the river, put your pan in the water, and start scooping up rocks and maybe even gold! And for your govenor, well he’s ok. But he is very funny because he has a funny accent.

  20. erika said

    Hi Devon, I’m Erika from butler. Does it snow over there and how long and how much? It get’s around the 90’s and 100’s in the summer. This year most of the summer was in the 100’s. What is summer like over there?

  21. erika said

    Hi, I’m Erika replying to Heniek. The waves over here are pretty cool and, no I’ve never caught shark. We do have a lot of malls in Elk Grove,California too.

    Well talk to ya soon.

  22. missy said

    dear Knoble,
    this is missy from norris elementry school and I wanted to reply to your comment about how long we played quidditch for so…. yea
    well , I’m 11 now and I’ve been here at norris since I was three and they’ve played quidditch ever since I was in preschool. my brother is 13 and they’ve played ever since he was there also I even think they played a few years before he went there
    well I hope that answers your question!

  23. Knoble said

    Thanks for replying back, Missy! WOW! Quidditch must be famous there at your school.

  24. Crystal said

    Hi this is Crystal from Butler in california. I was wondering who’s your governer in massachusetts?

  25. Devon!!! : ) said

    TO : ERIKA

    HI this is Devon. There are normally snow storms all winter with up to 7 inches of snow. I am mad because it has not snowed much yet. The most snow that we have had is less than 1 centimeter. I mean, how would you feel if there was snow where you are and suddenly, one year there wasn’t really any!~!~!~!~!~! It makes me reallllllllly ANGRY!~!~! Well, anyways it is 75-90 degrees farenheit normallt in summer here. it surprised me when you said that it was 90-100 degrees there!


    What weather is it for all of your different seasons?

    What kind of trees do you decorate on christmas?

    What do you do for fun?

    How often do you go to the beach?

    What different sports do you play?

    Have you ever seen snow?

    Do most of you have pools?

    What pets are common?

    Are there any sport type things that your school has made up that you play?


  26. Johanna said

    Hey there! Im another one of Mr. Faires’ students. Im so exciting for being a part of this project! Its so much fun!

  27. Ashley. J said

    Oh My God! i loved how you did it. It was like you told everything and didn’t leave out anything but ya I am happy to be in your class this year because we get to do the same thing but better! Laugh out loud!

    P.S. Ashley.J

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