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Howdy From Colorado

Posted by dogtrax on October 30, 2006


Howdy Youth Radio listeners!

This is the first podcast from your friends at The Odyssey School. We are a K-8 Expeditionary Learning school located just east of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado. Our crew is called Specraloud. Check out our crew website.

Listen to our podcast about Colorado.

You’ll have to excuse some parts of our broadcast. We haven’t mastered recording our voices yet…


12 Responses to “Howdy From Colorado”

  1. youthradio said

    It was great to hear the voices of Colorado students out here in Southampton, Massachusetts, today. We loved all the outdoor activities that goes on in your part of the world.

    Mr. Hodgson and his class

  2. youthradio said

    Ya’ll really made me want to visit Colorado because I love all outdoor sports !!!

    Your friend from Mississippi,

    p.s. I would like to play some of those video games too !!! 🙂 !

  3. youthradio said

    Cool music ya’ll !!!!!!!!!I want to come to Colorado because I love history or anything outside!!!!!!!!!

    ZUP from Justin #21 in baseball, MISSISSIPPI

  4. youthradio said

    This is Clay from Mississippi.If you come here you should try playing baseball,soccer or any other sport.And try some of the local restaurants. We have alot of outdoors games.
    Hear you later.

  5. Knoble said

    Hi! I was really interested in going to Colorado! It sounds fun!

  6. erika said

    Hi I’m Erika, from Elk Grove, California! It’s seems like you guys really love sports! Something you should check out in California are the beaches it’s so much fun!!!

    P.S I love Soccer!!!!

  7. shannon said

    Hi this is shannon from Denver Colorado. I am replying for Erika. I am so glad that you like sports, because sports are a really big part of Colorado.

    P.S I love Soccer to.

    Soccer is so fun.

  8. Devon said

    Hi, I’m Devon
    I think that it is really cool that youth radio is up and running. I am really interested in different places around the world. This is a wonderful opportunity for students everywhere.
    By the way, here in Massachusetts it is pretty cold, but today and yesterday, it was kind of warm.

    Well, G2G (got to go)

  9. missy said

    dear colorado people,
    this is missy from norris elementry school in massachusettes (i probably spelt that wrong) and I was wondering… what kind of sports do you have there? The 6th graders went whitewater rafting at this place Zoar Outdoor and there are like 2 gyms where we could rock climb here . well,
    its was nice um… talking to you t2yl! (talk to you later) bye!


  10. christina said

    heyy ya’ll this is christina from Massachussetts.
    state. It sounds fun!!! and I hope we can communicate well because I want to know a lot about you guys!!
    and I was wondering what do you do in colorado, like, for fun … do you play sports? Do you hang out???
    hope to hear from you again!!
    byeee my Colorado friends!!
    c-ya your friend christina!!

  11. Crystal said

    Hey! This is Crystal from Elk Grove and I now want to visit Colorado because the sports! I love being heathy and playing outdoor games.

    P.S. I love to run Track

    P.S.Again. Do you guys have a track at your school?

  12. Helen said

    Great job with your podcast! I hope I get to go to Colorado soon!

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