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Character Counts ~Mustang News Radio

Posted by dogtrax on October 31, 2006

Are you a person of character? What does it take to be a person of character? How do you deal with unethical situations that you may come across? How do you promote character and ethical behavior within your school, home, and community? Listen in as the student council from Monroe Rd. Elementary in Michigan discuss what it takes to be a person of character.
Listen to the radio program on character from Michigan



9 Responses to “Character Counts ~Mustang News Radio”

  1. youthradio said

    Hi Michigan

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful podcast. Your show really focuses in on very important components of being a good person — showing compassion, courage and character in the face of adversity.

    Mr. Hodgson

  2. alexis said

    Your first podcast is great.

  3. youthradio said

    Thank you for a very comprehensive look at character. I recently heard a teacher in my district (Elk Grove School District in California) explain character as “how you act when no one is watching.” I think that definition ties in with your “six pillars of character.” I wonder if there is a connection between character and peace?

    Good job Mustang Radio!

    Mrs. Desler (I hang out with Mr. Faires’s class at Butler Elementary School)

  4. Knoble said

    You guys had a very interesting subject!

  5. Mack!! said

    I really liked your podcast. Some of what you talked about reminded me of the peace builders pledge that we say at Norris School. Sydney talked about how we treat others and not using put downs which is in our pledge.
    I also liked how you took turns and each person had their own part.

  6. missy said

    what does it look like in michigan right now?

    missy at norris school in MA

  7. tyler said

    If you tell the truth that will build your character because then people will listen to you. But if you lie that will cause your character to fall and nobody will believe you.

  8. Crystal said

    This is Crystal from Butler Elementary School And I thought your podcast was really good. Keep up the good work!

  9. Adriel said

    Hi guys!

    Wow. Michigan sounds like a GREAT GREAT place.
    Hope I can visit you guys any time soon.
    Be glad to meet you all.
    As for now, good luck!


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