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Fall Foliage in Massachusetts

Posted by dogtrax on November 3, 2006

In some of the comments to an earlier post, students from California asked students in Massachusetts about the weather and season here in New England. So sixth grader Ethan decided to take the camera out on the playground during recess and capture some of the trees as they turned colors in preparation for fall.

View Ethan’s Flickr Slideshow

Listen to Ethan explain what he was trying to capture with the camera

Maybe you can take some pictures of your playground area and share it with us, too.



6 Responses to “Fall Foliage in Massachusetts”

  1. Ethan,
    What a fantastic idea you had! You took many wonderful pictures and I enjoyed looking at them and listen to your podcast. You have definitely sparked my interest in wanting to let you see what Michigan looks like this time of year. Keep up the good work! ~Mrs. Lykowski

  2. erika said

    Hi, this is Erika. Really cool pictures!!

  3. Gail Desler said


    Thanks for treating everyone to a tour of your school via your beautiful photos and your podcast. When Mr. Faires and his students come back on-track after Thanksgiving, I’m sure they’ll want to post some scenes from Butler. Hey, but by then, you’ll probably have snow – something we rarely, rarely see in the Sacramento area :-(.

    Thanks again for you work,
    Mrs. Desler

  4. Knoble said

    WOW! Your school campus looks great! Here in California it is really beautiful outside.

  5. said


    I wanted to tell you again how much I have enjoyed your photos. It’s a beautiful day here in California. We even have what we call “fall color.”

  6. missy said

    great job ethan!

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