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Hi Ya’ll From Mississippi

Posted by dogtrax on November 13, 2006

Hi to all Youth Radio Friends. This is our first podcast from the Eagle Team at Eupora Elementary School. We are located in north central Mississippi, half way between our capitol, Jackson, MS, and Memphis, TN. We shared things we love about Mississippi and what you might do while visiting the hospitality state. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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26 Responses to “Hi Ya’ll From Mississippi”

  1. youthradio said

    Hello to everyone in Mississippi!!
    Your voices sound wonderful and powerful across the Internet radio waves and I wish I could take my students here in Massachusetts for a field trip down south to visit you.
    Thanks for sharing your voices with us.

    Mr. Hodgson
    Norris Elementary School
    Southampton, Massachusetts

  2. Mack!! said

    I’m Mack, great job on your first pod cast!!!! The accent from Mississippi is kind of hard to understand. Do we sound funny to you???
    Mississippi sounds like a great place to visit!!!!


    P.S I’m really into yoyoing, do any of you know how to yoyo or know any tricks???

  3. Hi everyone in Mississippi!
    Great podcast! You did a fantastic job on your first podcast. Your voices were clear and your topic interesting. One of my sons, (I have 4) was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and it has been a long time since I have visited your beautiful state. Keep up the good work!

  4. erika said

    Hi this is Erika, from Elk Grove, California. I just wanted to say it seems you guys really have some interesting things over in Mississippi. And I also wanted to say you guys did great on your first podcast, even though your accent was a little hard to hear. Do we sound funny to you?

    Well see ya later!!!!

  5. Kathryn said

    Hi Ya’ll,
    I love your accent so much.Mississippi sounds so FUN! You guys should visit Massachusetts some time !!!!!
    Too tells,

  6. Devon!!! : ) said

    Hi this is Devon from Massachusetts
    I think that your accents are hard to understand too. It may be kind of weird hearing this because you probably think that our accents sound different and your accents sound normal. Isn’t it cool how that is? What words do you, in Missisippi, think sound weird that people say in Massachusetts? Our class thinks that it is odd that you say “ya’ll”. Well ttyl! (talk to you later)
    Devon in Mr. Hodgson’s 6th grade class

    P.S. Does anyone in your school take Karate? If so comment on this Because I take karate

  7. scott said

    Hi im Scott,

    you did good on your first pod cast. I think that it is funny how you guys always say yall because I dont think anybody that lives around here ever says that but I bet we say a lot of weird things to.Mississippi sounds fun (and hard to spell).Thats all I can think of to say so….uh by!!

  8. tyler said

    hi Mississippi

  9. missy!!!!! said

    i’m missy from MA and I think your voices sound cool!I wanted to comment on what Jessie ( I hope i spelt that right if not,sorry!:)) well anyways… you said something about talking to your hard working teachers well, I wanted to know how many teachers do you have and who is really fun. at our school all of our teachers are cool! especially mr. hodgson and mr moynihan. the first one is my homeroom teacher and the second one was my fifth grade social studdies teacher . what was the funnest thing your teachers do?
    missy :+) (smiles!)

  10. **Hannah** said

    Hey cool southern accents! Sounds cool what all you guys can do in Mississippi . I hope to visit there some day.

    Talk to YA’LL lat

  11. **Hannah** said

    Hey Ya’ll I like your accent even though you dont think it’s an accent. Mississippi sounds beautiful and fun. I hope to visit there some day.Then you should come visit Massachusetts because it has beautiful mountains and sunsets. Hope you’re having fun in Mississippi!

  12. Knoble said

    Hi! You guys have accent that i haven’t heard before. I love different accents. Well your state has me want to come. Bye! Best Wishes!

  13. bailey and madi said

    Hey ya’ll how r ya’ll doin ? Well we think ya’ll have a accent too … sounds strange to us too…….well see ya’ll on our next podcast !!! ttfn [ta ta for now]!!!

  14. JUSTIN said

    HEY missy …this is justin ….jesse is my twin u spelled his name wrong.. he is a boy.

  15. justin said


  16. Frank said

    hey devon well im not in that school because im in elk grove califonia but yes i take karate at a karate studio place which is called sher khan karate where we learn kenpo

  17. Devon!!! : ) said

    Frank : Hi What belt are you? I’m a white belt but im testing for my yellow belt on friday.(it is Monday night right now) Im nervous. What kind of karate do you take? I take philipino martial arts. Well, Answer soon

    ******Your Karate Kicking Friend******
    AKA Devon : P

  18. Devon!!! : ) said

    PS I am A girl

  19. Crystal said

    My Brother is Frank and we both have an orange belt…..Well Missippi’s podcast was great.

    -Crystal from Elk Grove πŸ˜‰

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  20. Mira said

    Mississippi’s podcast was great. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

  21. nadine said

    wow that was a really great podcasat i loved it and i really like your acent it is cool well keep it up youthradio πŸ˜‰

    – nadine

  22. Haylee said

    That was a great podcast! I like how you showed what you like about your state! Keep up the good work.

  23. Richard said

    Thats cool how you told us about what we should do in mississippi. It makes me want to go their.

  24. Laura said

    Hi ya’ll I’m Laura from California it so cool to hear your accents. Thank you for sharing that great podcast with me.


  25. Melanee said

    Nice podcast. I really like your accents.

  26. ashlyn said

    hey guys that was a great podcast!!! it was hard at times to understand you guys but it was great!!! do we sound funny to you!!!???? lol


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