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Posted by dogtrax on November 24, 2006

At last, students from Molalla, Oregon have tossed their hats in the ring. Here’s their first official podcast to YouthRadio. It is a GandhiCast–reflections on Mohandhas K. Gandhi from a group of students far away in place and in time.

photo of M. K. Gandhi



8 Responses to “GandhiCast”

  1. youthradio said

    Dear Oregon students,

    Your voices and thoughts on peace and the legacy of Ghandi are very powerful (particularly in this time of war in the world) and it makes me think that our students here in Massachusetts should also watch the film.
    Would you recommend other students watch it, too?
    What questions would you have them consider as they are watching the movie?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts through Youth Radio.

    Mr. Hodgson
    Norris Elementary School
    Southampton, Massachusetts.

  2. Dr. Valley said

    Mr. Bledsoe and Students–Thanks for sharing this with me today. I learned a lot from what you had to say. I also was insprired to read a biography of Gandhi recently, and learned more about him. Good work!!

    Dr. Valley

  3. youthradio said

    Students from Molalla Elementary School recommend that you do watch Gandhi. Some of the reasons are:
    that the movie would inspire students to be like Gandhi,
    learn the history of Gandhi and India,
    learn the power of peace,
    learn why war is wrong,
    learn Gandhi’s peace efforts, ahimsa (non-violence),
    why they called Gandhi the Father of India,
    two wrongs don’t make a right,
    fight with peace.

    The students felt that the movie was both educational and enjoyable.

    Thank you for listening to our podcast and for your comments. We were late in responding to your comment because we have missed several days of school due to snow.

  4. Gideon said

    Hi my name is gideon. I think it is so cool that you picked this as a subject.I think is pretty asome that he won a war without a single gun in his hand. Is tis what you are studing for the year
    or was this a one time deal?
    Thanks from,

  5. Grace said

    Wow ! I didn”t know so much about Gandhi, but now I defenitly feel like I know a lot more . I think it’s so cool how he won a war without a single shot . I agree that if he were still alive today he would do his very,very best to stop the war in Iraq ( by using peace
    not weapons )

  6. shannon said

    Hi, my name is Shannon. I learned so much about Gandhi from your podcast. I never knew you could win a war without fighting. It seems that Martin Luther King was just like Gandhi. Martin Luther King protested about rights for Black people. He protested peacefully. He was inspired by Gandhi. When I grow up I would like to be like Gandhi to help people. Thank you for the podcast.

  7. youthradio said

    This is Amanda from Mr. Bledsoe’s class. We studied Gandhi for only a short period of time, but we learned a lot. We have been working very hard on writing (this is my second year with Mr. Bledsoe), and now we are expanding into podcasts. There are many differences between podcasts and writing on paper. For example, simply reading it out loud makes a differences plus you read it into a mic. I’m glad that so many people are learning about Gandhi. I was impressed with how much one person could make a differences. Martin Luther King was inspired by Gandhi’s writings. We are lucky to have had two such peaceful men on our Earth.

  8. Katie said

    Ghandi was and is still a hero/inspiration to many people across the world… Dr. King was one of them!

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