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The Christmas Lesson

Posted by dogtrax on November 24, 2006

Here is a Christmas story I tell my students every year. I’m afraid it’s perfectly true. Now I can share it with students across the US. –Glen L. Bledsoe, 4th/5th grade teacher, Molalla Elementary School, Molalla, Oregon.

Christmas Lesson

18 Responses to “The Christmas Lesson”

  1. Knoble said

    Nice story! Really enlightened me! Please make more!

  2. WOW! Great story! It really made me think about how I chose this path or rather the teaching path chose me. Keep the stories coming!

  3. bc said

    Dear Glen,
    Great story! I can realy see me doing that to my little sister. i hope you write more funny stories.
    b.c. 🙂

  4. Chloe said

    Dear Glen,
    I really liked your story,it’s amazing! How you can play a prank, and teach spelling at the same time!


  5. Mack!! said

    Dear Glen,

    That was an amwsome story!! I like the way you told your story. It sounded so real.
    Do you like being a teacher?
    Do you have other stories you tell your students? Please respond.


  6. sam said

    Very funny! I really thought that the way you told it was hysterical! I am so glad I listened to this instead of something else. The way you told it made it even more interesting.


  7. Lee said

    Thats a funny story!!!!! Did your brother ever get that dump truck and army hat. i liked the voices and your mmusic choice=)


  8. dakota said


    I really enjoyd
    your podcast!!
    I bet you really had fun.
    I hope you make more
    extremly funny podcasts.


    Dakota #15.

  9. Tyler said

    I liked that story! Did he ever Get the dump truck and the army helmet?

  10. Ian said

    That was very fun to listen too! How did you remember that experience? How old were you when this happened? Did your brother bug you? My sister bugs me. I liked the imitations of your brother.


  11. Lots of questions. I’ll try to answer them all. First of all I want to thank you for listening to my story. The truth is we ALL have stories, and we ALL like to hear stories. When I was a kid I would sit up till 2:00 in the morning listening to the stories that my grandparents and aunts and uncles told. I want to encourage everyone to tell THEIR story. You don’t have to be an adult to have a story. You can tell your stories on Youth Radio. What better place than here?

    Q: Do you like being a teacher?
    A: Oh, yes! Part of me is a teacher, part of me is a musician, part of me is an artist, part of me is a writer. All four me’s work together quite well. In a way, they work so well because they’re really all the same thing. There really isn’t much difference between writing a story or painting a painting or composing music or teaching a lesson. It takes the same kind of creativity. The same ability to know when to work hard and when to rest. I think that’s the most important thing I learned while I was growing up: when to work hard and when to rest. Call it pacing yourself. It’s good to know how to pace yourself.

    Q: Did Tim ever get a dump truck and an army helmet?
    A: I believe he did. We had so many toy army helmets and toy dump trucks that I can’t now remember which were his, which were my other brother David’s, and which were mine. At any rate, Tim did NOT get a barbie doll or a party dress. Our family was always happy with our Christmas gifts. My parents were generous and loving people. If anything they probably gave us too many gifts.

    Q: Do you have other stories?
    A: Yes. I have so many stories that I find it hard to make time to write them all down. I write and write and write. Any time I have spare moment I use the time not for watching television, but for writing. I’ll have to think about the stories which have happened to me–which would make the best podcasts and when I get the time, I’ll record them. I’m delighted that so many people enjoy them.

    Q: Did your brother bug you?
    A: Not Tim. My other brother Dave bugged me some times. Not serious bugging, of course–just the kind of small things that siblings do to annoy each other. I pulled a trick on him, too, once. I’ll have to tell you all that story soon.

    Several people commented about the music or the way the voices sounded. I created all of my own music using a software program called MetaSynth. I’ve been using it for almost ten years so I know it quite well. MetaSynth made all of the sound effects including making my voice sound higher like my younger brother.

    Thank you Knoble, Cheryl, BC, Chloe, Mack, Sam, Lee, Dakota, Tyler and Ian for taking the time to make a comment on my story.

    Mr. Bledsoe
    4th/5th grade teacher
    Molalla Elementary School
    Molalla, Oregon

  12. Mikayla said

    Dear Glen,

    Did you ever teach one of your students the same way you taught your little brother? Did your little brother get the Barbie doll or the dump truck? How would you change Pokemon cards?

    I thought your story was funny. Could you make another one about one of your lessons?
    Thank you.



  13. Sierra said

    i really liked your podcast it was so funny,

    is that a true story?

    sierra from Colorado

  14. Max said

    It was funny that at first Tim was like really not smart and how he said I want a dump truck and actually wrote down barbie doll.



  15. Zoya said

    Glen I thought it was really funny but I do not think its cool to trick people.


  16. Estela said

    That was so funny Glen!I love the music and the story.I think you learned a life long leason

  17. Ciarra said

    I think it is funny to pull a prank on someone. I wound like to prank pull a prank on someone. It might not seem funny to you but to me or other people. It might not seem funny at first but as you think of it then after all you might start laughing at the joke.

  18. Gideon said

    dear glen i think it was mean to play that prank on your little brother. but i like pranks so i thought it was funny. i sometimes like playing pranks also on my sister. what inspiered you to write this storie?

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