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Too Many Taras

Posted by dogtrax on November 24, 2006

  • Too Many Taras is an example of what students at Molalla Elementary (in Oregon) have been doing for the last few years: story telling using still photos in a digital environment. “Too Many Taras” (15 minutes, 22 seconds). Influences are the movie “La Jetée” and the movies of Night Shyamalan. I hope you enjoy the “twist” ending.
  • An example of stop animation we made a few years ago is School Train (4 minutes).
  • Two examples of computer animation used in expository writing and story-telling  are (respectively) “How to Animate a Rolling Ball” (2 minutes, 18 seconds) and “Zorton” (5 minutes, 26 seconds). After you click on the above link scroll down a bit to view both movies.

3 Responses to “Too Many Taras”

  1. These were great! Could you please tell me a little more, such as software programs used to make the stories/video? My students started doing digital stories but we have used Movie Maker/Photo Story. I can’t wait to share these with my classes.

  2. Hello Cheryl,

    Thank you for your comments. There are quite a number of different software applications that I used to make the stories you saw. The best answer I can give you is to check out a web resource I created for the University of Oregon on Digital Storytelling.

    That should answer most of your questions. There’s a lot of material there to read through and listen to if you have the time.

    The Digital Storytelling site itself is a digital story on how my students and I create digital stories. Ultimately, however, it really doesn’t make any difference which software you use. It’s the story which counts. It’s the imagination which counts. It’s the creativity which counts. Many of these projects were started, and I had only a vague idea what the end medium was going to be. We concentrated on the story first and later decided which media format best suited the work.

    Glen L. Bledsoe
    4th/5th grade teacher
    Molalla Elementary School

  3. Kimiko said

    Hi guys!
    I really liked how in this movie you took one problem and tried to find the answer to it. I think that it was very clever of the teacher in this movie to make a copies of himself to help him solve the problem of too many students! You guys never did say what would happen to all the Taras, What did happen to all the Taras anyway? Anyway, I did really like your movie, guys.

    Sincerely, Kimiko

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