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A Tour Guide of Southampton, Massachusetts

Posted by dogtrax on November 29, 2006

Our sixth graders just completed a project with our school’s librarian to create a tourism brochure for our small town of Southampton. So we sent one of our Youth Radio reporters, Mack, to interview his classmates about their projects.


Listen to Mack’s interviews.


If you want to see the tourist guide yourself, you can head to our Southampton Tourist Guide webpage.



6 Responses to “A Tour Guide of Southampton, Massachusetts”

  1. Mack!! said

    Mr. Hodgson,
    I liked your slide show!! It was cool how you showed the brochure when I was talking to the person who made it.


  2. youthradio said

    Thanks Mack
    You did a wonderful job as interviewer for the project.
    Keep up the great work!
    Mr. Hodgson

  3. Frank said

    Hi this is frank and i go to school at arthur butler in california and i think the slide show was awsome it told me a lot about south hampton massachusetts and what gave you guys the idea of making a tourist guide….. Well good job all of you!!!!

  4. Mack!! said

    Mr. Hodgson,
    Thanks for the compliment, but, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!


  5. rhett SAH claret school of Quezon City said

    Wow!Your slideshows were very nice. You did a great job Mack. Keep up the goodwork!

  6. Gideon said

    mack that was asome. you are a great speaker. i think the things you did on this podcast were very nice. keep up the good work!!!!!!!

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