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Breaking Glass — A Holiday Tradition

Posted by dogtrax on December 6, 2006

I was so entertained by Mr. Bledsoe’s holiday story that I decided to create my own for our Youth Radio students. It has to do with a tradition at our house that involves writing (of course) and glass and memories.

Listen to Mr. Hodgson’s holiday story.   

What traditions are there for your family during the holidays? Use the comment feature down below to share your thoughts with all of us here at Youth Radio.



21 Responses to “Breaking Glass — A Holiday Tradition”

  1. Excellent reflection, Kevin. Well-written and well-told. I don’t know how much of an inspiration I’ve been, but you’ve made the teacher tale your own. I hope your example inspires many others.

  2. Jim Faires said

    Kevin, I loved your piece. In sharing it with the class, they commented on how easy it was to listen to and how well it was paced. What they
    saw is that it makes a huge difference to be prepared for a podcast, to practice, and to put you attention on who your audience will be. Thanks for
    the great post. We will have a new podcast up soon.


  3. Gail Desler said

    Besides your wonderful story itself, I love your tradition of family writing – preserved inside the glass ornaments. Your story is much on my mind as I have next to me a box of glass ornaments waiting for me to arrange them on the tree. My own two kids are grown now, along with my neices and newphews, but all will be at our house for the holidays. I wish that in the years past we had thought to record and save our Christmas memories. I bet your story will inspire some of our Youth Radio community to rethink the possiblities for decorating their Christmas tree.

  4. Mack!! said

    Mr. Hodgson,
    That was a stupendous story!!! Your writing sounds so real, like it comes from a book.
    At the Holidays, I like going to Bright Nights, visiting relatives, and buying presents for my family.


  5. Tyler said

    I loved your your story, Mr. hodgson! It was like you read it from a book for the second time, when you know the words, and it’s still interesting. I am a studet in Mr. bledsoe’s class, and I tink you should listen to our Ghandi Cast. If you do, I am the first kid speaker. I think that Our amily should start that in our family this christmas. Then there would be some very happy news. It would be my only sibling’s first chritmas!

    Listen to ya later!

  6. youthradio said

    Thank you Mack (from Massachusetts) and Tyler (from Oregon.
    I worked hard to write that story and then practiced how I would record it with my voice. I think I recorded it a few times before I was happy with the results.
    Mr. Hodgson

  7. Amanda said

    I thought it was funny and sad I liked it.

  8. rowell(23) 1-sjt, claret said

    excellent kevin, i love your piece! where did you get your inpiration…maybe it’s very inspiring for you made a real true to life story… i hope someday i could also do like that, because you can touch other life by only a short story or experience. thank you very much for entertaining my comment!!

  9. rhett SAH claret school of Quezon City said

    Hello! I want you to know that I like your story. Excellent reflection Kevin! Great job!

  10. victor said

    continue the good work.


  11. Rommel(37) I-SJT, Claret said

    hi kevin. i want you to know that you are so amazing! i love your story. you inspired me and i know that the people who will listen to your story will be also inspired. thank you ver much..!! ü

  12. Dapa said

    Nice story!


  13. Lance said


    I loved your piece. In sharing it with the class, they commented on how easy it was to listen to and how well it was paced.

    Here in our country we also have our tradition.


  14. Don said

    hi! i like your story very much! 🙂

    I hope it will inspire all the students who will hear your story… 🙂

    Take Care and God Bless. 🙂

  15. Lin said

    Dear Kevin,

    I enjoyed the story, very inspiring as it is, I hope others will know and remember this story and use it as ther inspiration throughout hard times.


  16. Aldwin said

    nice job dude!keep up the good work

    Aldwin 2-stm

  17. hi kevin i really love your piece. i shared it to my other friends and classmates. they really love it. i hope that you will write and compose more stories.!

  18. 08 Dennis II SAM said

    Kevin, you really hit me.

    I hope I will be as inspired as you are…

  19. Miguel Capino said

    It’s very nice of you to tell us one of your family traditions, it is ver touching and very original I hope you make more podcasts

    Miguel Capino

  20. Jeff said

    Mr. Hodgson,
    Hi that was a great story!!! Your writing sounds so real, like it comes from a book.


  21. jay-r c. said

    Hello Kevin,

    It was so touching and so inspiring..You’re so amazing and it is very interesting.


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