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Donny and the Ghost

Posted by dogtrax on February 3, 2007

“Donny and the Ghost” is about a boy so involved in his computer games that he is oblivious to a ghost haunting his bedroom. This podcast is based on a short story I wrote in the mid-90’s.

This year’s class (2006 – 2007) is a collection of especially talented writers and oral readers. Last Fall it occurred to me that this would be the perfect group to turn “Donny” into a theater podcast. Tyler, a 5th grader, volunteered to rewrite the short story as a script–which was no easy task. The class then revised and edited that script (revising and editing are a vital part of the writing process even with theater podcasts). Using the vocal talents of (4th grader) Jacob as “Donny,” (5th grader) Denise as “Donny’s mother,” and an assortment of other character actors and narrators we began recording in late November 2006. It wasn’t until February 2007 that all the voices were recorded, music and special sound effects composed and the pieces assembled.

illustration for Donny and the Ghost

For this tale I needed to write music which imitated the style of music I’ve heard used in arcade-style video games. After I completed the music and played it for my students, they asked if the music could be available separately from the podcast. Of course! Kids (and adults) should feel free to dowload it (below) to their iPods or other .mp3 players. (Nearly all the special effects were created by us. Even the moaning, gurlging, growling ghost sounds were made by me with the help of a little digital magic.)

TIP: Our podcast is recorded using high quality stereo sounds. For maximum enjoyment, listen with headphones.

Click on the title to download the file to your browser (if you’d like to download it for your iPod or other mp3-player) or click on the right-pointing triangle below the title to play it from this webpage. Sit back, relax and enjoy “Donny and the Ghost.” — Mr. Bledsoe, 4th-5th grade teacher, Molalla Elementary School, Molalla, Oregon.

Podcast: Donny and the Ghost (19 minutes – 21.8 MB)
Music to “Iron Fist Combat of the Golden Temple of Death 7” (2:48 minutes – 3.2 MB)

104 Responses to “Donny and the Ghost”

  1. Mack!! said

    Dear Mr.Bledsoe and class,

    Great job! I liked how the ghost vioces and sound effects set a spooky mood in the story. Keep up the great work!


  2. youthradio said

    Thank you, Mack. The special effects do add to the story, but we actually spent a lot more time on writing a good story than adding effects. Concentrate and the writing and the effects will make your story more interesting. If you don’t have a good story to begin, then special effects won’t help much. — Mr. Bledsoe.

  3. youthradio said

    Hi friends in Oregon
    Yesterday in class, we listened to your amazing story. This morning, I had our students write out some comments and now I am posting them for you.

    The sound effects were so cool! Good job! Pia

    I liked the story because it was creepy and I love creepy things.

    I liked the sound effects, just like PiaMissy

    It was scaryBruce

    It was very scaryKathryn

    I liked the musicScott

    It was funny because I watched other people get scaredJosh

    It was interestingHannah

    The sound effects were great. The storyline was good, too.Olivia

    The story was awesomeTyler

    The audio story showed a lot of thought and a lot of work on your part. I was really interested in how you used your voices to move the story along and how your characters really came through through the piece. Excellent job all around. Thanks for sharing with Youth Radio.Mr. Hodgson

  4. Hello to Mr. Bledsoe and Class,

    What a great production! I am very sure an enormous amount of time and effort went into the final podcast. Of course, it helps when you start out with such an entertaining story as “Donny,” but I am wondering about the actual process of moving the podcast from an idea all the way to production. If by any chance Mr. Bledsoe took photos or video of how you worked in groups, for example, or any part of the process, I would love to see it!

    In California, we have the Student Technology Showcase, a place to submit student-created technology projects. I certainly hope the state of Oregon offers some multimedia competitions or showcases! I’m on my feet right now, clapping for your performance!

  5. Jim Faires said

    Excellent job! I am thoroughly impressed with your script and the quality of your production. This is language arts instruction at its finest! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!!!

  6. Knoble said

    What a great story! The voice effects made the podcast realistic! Want to hear more!

  7. youthradio said

    My students and I would like to thank everyone for their kind remarks. Mrs. Desler asks questions which many people ask (including my wife): how did we do it? Unfortunately we didn’t take videos or photos of our working process on “Donny and the Ghost.” We grabbed odd moments here and there. Worked sometimes as a whole class and at other times in small groups.

    My students are pretty pumped about our Donny story and want to do a second one. I wrote a series of Donny stories so we have plenty of material to work with. This time, however, we are planning to make a documentary video about the process of making our podcast. We have state testing for reading, math, social studies and writing starting next week which will keep us occupied for a couple of weeks. After that, we will begin the process again, but this time we’ll have a camera rolling. I haven’t made a documentary before. Even adults learn new things.

  8. Hoa said

    Hi, I like your story, but some of the characters sounded like reading a paper then acting, but the podcast was marvelous. It must’ve been a long time to finish the podcasting.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S Hi πŸ˜›

  9. Hoa said

    Almost forgot, when is the rest of the story coming out? I can’t wait to hear more.

  10. Mathias said

    Hello, I love your story with marvelous sound effects that can put chills down your spine. πŸ™‚

  11. Vinnie said

    The special effects were very good. Our class listened to it in the dark with the lights off, it was pretty scary.Keep posting podcasts!

    PS πŸ™‚

  12. Trevor said

    that was a great pod cast i loved the sound effects were great i would love to here more

    P.S. HI

  13. Trevor said

    that was great i would love to hear more

  14. victoria said

    THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING I EVER HEARD. You guys had great sound effects, great story, the ghost was a little hard to understand though. Any way you guys have a cool podcast.


  15. samantha said

    I just loved the sound affects especially the computer noise. I loved the fathers voice and the mother’s voice. Ican’t wait to hear more of your class’s stories Mr. Bledsoe!!!!!!

  16. Crystal said

    Great sound effects! I LOVE your podcast! It was so cool to listen to!


  17. erika said

    Hey guys and, girls… it’s erika from California. I just wanted to let you know that i really liked your podcast. I loved the different voices and sound effects; they were really cool!!!!!!

    *bye 4 now!*

  18. Ryan said

    That was a great podcast!!! I really liked it and enjoyed listening to it. The kind of scary parts were cool. I really liked the sound effects. How long did it take you to do that whole podcast??


  19. Johanna said

    Hi there! wat a great story! I loved the special effects you use!

    P.s. keep up the good work!!!!

  20. Anjanette-Joyce said

    Hello Mr. Bledsoe’s class! I really liked the podcast. It was really interesting. Well, I was impressed with all of the work your class did in this. Keep up the good work! πŸ˜€


  21. Alexis said

    I loved your podcast. It sounded realistic when the sound effects were put on the podcast. Please listen to our next podcast which is called “The Sugihara Story”. Thank you if you listen to our podcast. Keep up the great work.

  22. Sean(sounds like Shawn) said

    The stroy was kind of cheap I mean the dude didn’t even noticed the ghost but the sound of effects was fantastic and the story line was great but the end. Can you continue the story?

  23. Alyssa said

    You guys did a wonderful job on the podcast. The sound effects were set up like a spooky mood which made the whole entire thing even better than it was! Great job!

  24. Katie said

    I loved this storyline! It really kept me at the edge of my seat! The sound effects made me feel like I was really there!

  25. Frank said

    I think it was great it probably inspired the whole class the only thing that i was mad about was you didnt continue the story and please make the sequel before i go crazy thinking of the next one well yeah and HAPPPY Valentines DAY!!!!!

  26. Sean(sounds like Shawn) said

    Oh ya I almost forgot HAPPY VALITINES DAY….I guess

  27. Crystal said

    Great sound effects! I love your podcast because it was so cool to listen to. Keep up the good work!


  28. Trevor said

    I love ur story it was great the thing that would be great is if u made another part ;p

  29. Josh (Sean(sounds like Shawn) and Josh was here) said

    The story was cool. The music for the game was tight. If you saw me right now I would be headbanging with my friend Sean (sounds like shawn) Rock on!!!!

    P.S. Josh was here!=D

  30. Crystal said

    Make An ENDING to the story….I need you guys to finish the STORY!!!! It Was great! Are you guys going to make an ending? PLEASE! If you finish the story keep on using the great sound effects!

    -Crystal from Elk Grove

    πŸ˜€ :{)

  31. Hurley said

    CLARET rocks!

    excellent!!i wish that u can keep it up cool sounds i spooked when i heared it u gave me some creeps!that was very cool.I really appreciate ur web.2 thumbs up to this web.!!keep up the excellent work..!


  32. bulkhia1sjt05 claret said

    Dear mr bledsoe

    u hit my feelings of enjoyment….i relly love ghost stories
    especialy about spirits……and i also love computer games and all…thats why i love your work because ur story is all about computer games and ghosts…and love them both thats whyu i love ur work

    By:bulkhia1sjt05 claret

  33. rhett SAH claret school of Quezon City said

    Hello! I want you to know that I like your podcast. The sound effects were cool because it made the story very realistic. Great job!

  34. victor said

    the effects are so cool. it is realistic. i simply love it. is the production of this difficult? ROCK ON!

    victor cruz

  35. victor said

    ROCK on. cool. rock. love it. simply in-love.

    cruz, victor

  36. victor said

    the effects are so fantastic. hope that you can make a new one. a one just like it.

    cruz, victor

  37. victor said

    i love the music.

    cruz, victor

  38. noelle said

    hey there! i saw your article about the ghost… it’s really cool with the podcast πŸ™‚ it really gives me the shivers! keep it up and you will raeach the top!


  39. Emjay SAM Claret School said

    The story was creeping me out as every second passed by while listening to it. Nice!!!

  40. bada said

    You guys did a wonderful job on the podcast1! The sound effects were cool. Keep it up guys!


  41. steven II-SAM 19 said

    wow!! nice story, great sounds… two thumbs up… really creepy…

  42. bada said

    I loved your podcast. It sounded realistic when the sound effects were put on the podcast.I really appreciate ur web. Rockz!

  43. von said

    It was great

  44. Michael Angelo 2 - sam said

    Hey there…

    I listened to your story. I thought it was great! Having those
    sound effects gave me goosebumps… never tought i would be
    scared! ROFL

    great work though keep it up!
    -rOk On! \m/

  45. marvin said

    hey guys!!! the story was cool!!! keep it up!! and nice sound effects!!


  46. ” A warm greeting from the PhIlIpPiNeS”

    Dear Mr.Bledsoe and class,

    GrEaT JOB.

    I listened in your podcast. I loved it so much and the spectacular sound effects was great. It also make the story more realistic and make it more lively. It was best suit in your story. And that’s the reason why i give you a very good job ideal

    Keep it UP… the GoOd WoRk…

    Ivan Matala 12

  47. ken - 2 stm said

    nice work! it’s very very good..
    cute voices too.. LOL..
    keep up the good work!

  48. Jerome said

    The story is great! The sound effects were realistic, scary, creepy, and I felt that I was a part of it. I’m looking forward to see more of these spooky, ghost stories.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jerome, cn:18,2-SBG





  50. jan said

    very very good story . good JOB

    JAN martin andes

  51. gabriel said

    hi there….


    keep up the good work…

    this story is great…


    gabriel basila

  52. Lance said


    I really liked the sound effects!
    Really disturbing yet intriquitive

    Story was great and all the effects are wonderful

    Love it!!!


  53. Lance said


    I really liked the sound effects!
    Really disturbing yet intriquitive

    Story was great and all the effects are wonderful

    Love it!!!

    Lance oLIVER

  54. paolo said


    I heard the music and it is really great.
    The music is great for your theme.


  55. Xyrelle said


    A job well done. It’s awesome

    Claret Lives!!!!


  56. Francis said

    Hey guys. Nice sound effects! The story’s cool.

  57. John,Sio said

    Nice, I like how you made the voice creepy , scary and realistic

    John Benjamin S. Sio
    Claret School of Quezon City

  58. 23 gino 1-SLG said

    wooooo….. cool…. nice sound effects… keep it up.. πŸ™‚

  59. chino said

    very good special sound effects and music!!!

    i must say its a job well done………..

    two thumbs up for that!!!!!

    – Chino
    I – SLG

  60. Brian said

    hi! i would like to say that it is a very interesting story. nice sound effects, it made the story realistic and gave more impact to the listener. good job!


  61. 1sjt24 said

    That was amazing the music with the sound really fits with it. I like the way you did it. Its a two thumbs up and a job well done!!!

  62. brian c 1-sja 18 csqc said

    its pretty good nice effects too.

    well make another one its really great thanks for posting this i like ghost stories

    nice story too its pretty creative

    well keep it up you’re doing great

  63. Chino Nicanor said

    Nice…very nice…sound effects were nice…it was scary too even though it was from a video game…keep it up!!

    Severino Sancho DL. Nicanor
    CN #36
    Claret school of Quezon City

  64. I really liked the podcast.I love the special effects and it so cool.It was very realistic and spooky……..very interesting!!!!

  65. raymond said

    the music is so cool!
    It has a very nice effects and has a wonderful story.
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope 5can make that one.

  66. ian said

    that’s really nice….
    I appreciated it so much specially with the sound effects!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    People will totally freak out when they hear the story…


  67. MIchael said

    GReat JoB,

    keep up the good work.

    I love the sound effects especially the intro.


  68. tj said

    Nice sound effects.Nice story.Nice everything especially the intro

    -Tanney Jiro

  69. dakota said

    Hi I really enjoid your podcast I felt it had a good theme and I enjoyd how I always was wondering what might happen next.


  70. james said

    nice… Pretty nice

    You just keep it up!

    And it’s a lil’ bit spooky too!

    Nice sounds too!

  71. Grace said

    That was a great podcast! the sound effects were so realistic. The speakers spoke very clearly and fluently. The story was really interesting .


  72. Jun Jeffri said

    I liked the video very much
    I liked it so much with the sound effects!!!!
    Keep it up!!!
    People will be so scared when they hear this!!!

    CN 29

  73. Tyler said

    That is what i call a GREAT podcast. It really was worth 19 minutes!It also kept me thinking what would happen next.I LOVED the music.The storyline was GREAT too!

    – Ty1er =)
    the 1 in my name is an 1.

  74. myranda said

    Mr.Bledsoe + class,
    I think you did a great job on this podcast and I hope to here more of it.:)

    p.s. I’m coming up in may. So I hope to see you soon.

  75. Mikayla said

    Hi the sound effects for the ghost is so creapy it sent thorns down my spine!!! Also can you tell me what happens next?


  76. grrrr…. I’m having a goose bumps. I’s chilling me out. So scary since it’s my first time to hear it.

    Armando C.E Jr.(II-SAM)

  77. Dominic said

    Reviving this story is cool but scary
    but I enjoyed the flow of the story and
    the music. Well done guys.


  78. Jeff said

    Dear Mr. Bedsoe and Class

    Hi nice job in the sound effects
    The sound effects give life to the story
    Nice Job


  79. Geardi said

    Cool sound effects!! Made it hard for me to sleep!!

  80. Geardi said

    It made me feel like that story may come to reality!!

  81. bc said

    THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST PODCASTS I HAVE EVER HEARD!plus some of the greatest sound effects ever! i do not think i will sleep well after that. congradultions.

  82. sage said

    the music was like a arcade game.Iow did you make the sound efectes?

  83. said

    That was an amazing podcast! I dont mean some parts were amazing, I mean it’s all amazing! The story was great! The story was well told ( I loved the different voices fore each character )! But my favorite part was the special efects ( they were awasome! )! All that ( and more! ) make this possibly the best podcast that I ever heard!

  84. Jennifer Raethke said

    My class loved the story… They wanted to share some of their comments!

    β€œI love the insanity of the game. Its like being in a kaledescope that’s on fire! Plus, I love the ending too! Its very funny.” -Tony

    β€œI think this story is really funny! Really, really funny. I like it.” -Tristan

    β€œI liked the story, it was funny and the music was cool. That was a good story, you guys should do a Part 2.” -Yomaira

    β€œThat was cool!” -Johnny

    β€œIt was awesome and funny too. I like it, I hope you make a part 2!” – Cassie

    β€œ I like the sounds, they are cool and funny. I like the music. β€œ – Ashley

    β€œ I like the part when Donny went to the bathroom.” – Kirik

    β€œIt sounds scary and creepy!” – Brittany

    β€œ It was cool. I liked it very much!” – Victoria

    β€œThat was so, so, so, so, so cool and spooky!” – John

    β€œI think it was cool. I like the ghost.” – Reed

    β€œI like the sound of the game.” – Elizabeth

  85. shannon said

    Wow that was so good. I have so maney questions to ask you like how did you make the car noise at the begining, and how did you make the sound of the compuoter. I thought that you did a really nice job on the sounds. The thing I liked the most about the podcast is all of the words that just fit just right into the podcast.

  86. max said

    Hi I really liked the music I thought it went with the theme really well


  87. Keyin said

    I think it was very interesting and fun. Even though it was long it was worth it. I really liked the part when the ghost got in the game.
    From Keyin.

  88. sam said

    This story was great! I loved the effects,but if I talked to my mom like the way Donny did I would be in so much trouble.

  89. The story is nice and well told, but it’s too slow to buffer. I hope that they would post more stories and more responces. Sory if my respone is short.

  90. concorde said

    WOW! What a good story. I loved the way the effects carry the story. But I can’t talk to my mom like Donny did because it would lead me in a very big trouble like a war.


  91. ashlyn said

    Hi i really liked “Donny and the ghost” it was an interesting story!! Was it fun telling the story and coming up with it?

    ashlyn πŸ™‚

  92. Jose said

    I like how your podcast was done, the sound effects were very realistic. It must of been very cool being part of the project.


  93. Helen said

    That was so cool! I loved the story and the special effects. I felt like I was watching a movie andnot just listening to a podcast! I can’t wait to listen to The Mummy and Donny Altman!!!

  94. shyanne said

    GREAT JOB! I have to say, from alot of posts i have herd, this has got to be one of the most exciting ones! The sound effect and music put me into a spot where i felt like i felt i was listening to a movie! It was awsome! Keep up the good work! Hope to hear more from you soon.


  95. victoria said

    hi i think that “donny and the ghost” was really interesting and it was cool! well enjoy youthradio! :-p

    – nadine πŸ™‚

  96. Richard said

    This was a great story you made me feel like i was actually in it

  97. Brian said

    Nice sound effects i wonder how u guys come up with these stories its great! πŸ™‚

    Keep on going as well.


  98. Mira said

    Wow! I listened to the second group, “Iron Fist Combat of the Golden Temple of Death 7.” I loved the music!! It was so awesome. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  99. Melanee said

    This was a really good podcast. I like the way you guys spoke clearly.

  100. victoria said

    that was great! i loved it! you did a great job! cant wait to here more!


  101. victoria said

    i loved the music to ”IRON FIST COMBAT OF THE GOLDEN TEMPLE OF DEATH 7”. I couldent stop listening to it !

  102. Ashley K. said

    This is a really great podcast!!!! I thought I was in the story!!!! I can’t wait to hear The Mummy and Donny Altman!!!!

  103. nadine said

    wow u guys did i really great job i love the donny and the ghost and the sound effect is cool in the background well keep it up;)

    – nadine

  104. Samantha Damm said

    I can’t wait to hear the sequel to this story. I loved the different voices and could almost picture begin in the room. Great job!

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