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Greetings from the Philippines

Posted by dogtrax on February 27, 2007

The reach of Youth Radio just expanded considerably with the recent addition of youth voices from the Claret School of Quezon City in the Philippines. Listen as these energetic students introduce themselves to Youth Radio from their robotics program at their school.


Listen to the Claret School students

If you want to see where the Philippines are on the map, you can check out our Youth Radio Community Map.

If you want to learn more about the Claret School and its robotics program, you can read through some information and view a few photographs of students provided by their teacher.


44 Responses to “Greetings from the Philippines”

  1. youthradio said

    Hello faraway friends
    It is so nice to hear your voices in Massachusetts, USA.
    I know my students would be very interested in learning more about the robotics program you are part of at your school. Do you make robots? What kinds of classes are you taking?
    I hope you can become more involved in our Youth Radio site.

    Thank you for sharing

    Mr. Hodgson
    Norris School
    Southampton, Massachusetts

  2. barry said

    Dear fellow Claretians,

    nice job ^_^ Claretians rock! what you are doing will give our school honor and i am proud to be a claretian!


  3. Tristan said

    Salutations Fellow Claretians!

    Good job! you give this school so much honor and pride, keep it up and continue doing your marvelous works! I really appreciate your Youth Radio media. If you introduce this to other websites it will bring even more honor!

    Tristan Yuvienco
    I- SAH

  4. Ralph Shawn,1sjt,Claret School said

    Wow. I know that my school has it’s high standard and hearing from them as the first asian country here in youthradio is great. The contents are complete and I like the way they are energized. All I can say is that i like it because even their hobbies are being told. Now i even know their address. Next tim hope I can be heardd too.

  5. Patrick said

    Dear Fellow Claretians,

    Good job fellow claretians we hope that we can be heard again in this website and i’m proud of what you did and i’m proud to be a claretian


  6. marvin said

    Hi! Fellow Claretians!!
    great job!!
    young fellow claretians(grade 4-7)
    do your best to give more honors to the school!=))

    from your kuya in high school,

  7. rhett SAH claret school of Quezon City said

    Hello fellow Claretians!
    Great job. This will give our school honor that makes me proud as a Claretian!!


  8. chiles said

    it was very good

  9. Carlo said

    Greetings Fellow Claretians!!
    I thank you all for representing our school to the world. Always live by our motto “Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute”(Knowledge is best with virtue). With this I am proud of what you have done. More power!


  10. patrick said

    wow! this is so nice!
    keep up the good work!

  11. Thor said

    Hey claretians!

    you guys rock! more power!

  12. Knoble said

    Yay!!!! The Philippines is part of the YouthRadio program!!!! I finally have some fellow filipinos!

  13. Emjay said

    Hey fellow Claretians!

    Stay strong and proud to be a product of Claret. Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute!

    Emjay (2-SAM)

  14. James said


    Amazing! Continue to spread the true values of CSQC!!! Claret rocks /m/….

    james (ii-sam, cn:1)

  15. Hello Claret Students,

    It is very exciting to hear your voices from the Philippines. It’s official now…Youth Radio is an international project!

    I’m a technology support teacher in the Elk Grove School District in California, where Arthur C. Butler Elementary School is located. I hang out quite a bit with Mr. Faires’s class, so I already know they share my enthusiasm for connecting with a class in the Philippines. They are “off track” for the month of March, but I can already see that Knoble has left a comment. He and a number of his classmates share your filippino Philippine?) heritage.

    A warm welcome to all of you,
    Mrs. Desler

  16. Adriel said

    Dear Claretians,

    Hello to you guys too!!
    I’m proud to be a claretian just like you.
    Great Job!
    I have hobbies too and i hope we have the same ones.
    Good luck to you all!!


  17. Michael Angelo 2 - sam said

    go claretians…great work! im proud of you guyz!
    continue being proud to be a claretian and a filipino!

  18. Lin said

    Dear fellow Claretians,

    My young Claretians, I am glad to be a student of Claret and to know that you have given us great honor. They say the Children are our Future. I for one believe in them and hope that you live up to it.



  19. Hey guys

    I am proud to be a part in the Claretian community, if you interchange this site to other website , i mean if you share this, more and more people will share their thoughts and ideas and more that matters will meet…

    Ivan Matala 12



  20. Jerome said

    Dear claretians,

    Thank you for being a part of youthradio. I hope that the claretians will continue to spread CHEERS and other values.

    I am proud to be a claretian and a filipino! Good luck!

    Jerome, cn:18, 2-SBG

  21. ken 2-STM said

    hello schoolmates!

    hi adriel! i am also proud of having great fellowmen
    who represented our school to everyone by the motto of the school.. it is an honor to be a part of this school community that aspires to become great people..
    scientia maxime cum virtute.. thanks!


    2 STM

  22. Brian said


    well done!!! im very proud to be a claretian! im looking forward to your future “PROJECTS”. CONGRATULATIONS CLARETIANS!!!



  23. Aj said

    hello schoolmates!
    FAntastic !!!
    Thank you for being a part of youthradio!!
    I’m proud to be a claretian like you!!!!
    Nice one claretian on the net……. hahaha
    They like engineering hahaha


  24. Anghelo said

    Hi Fellow Claretians,

    I am so proud and thankful that I was a part of the Claretian community.
    I hope that us Claretians will continue this and improve more better in the future…
    You guys are awesome hope we would meet in the school!!

    Anghelo 10

  25. Lance said


    Hello little Claretians brother! I’m very glad to hear your voices.
    I really appreciated that we are the ONLY country from the asian counrties that had been uploaded here.

    Claretians are always there for each other!

    Claret Rocks!!!

  26. Gene said

    Wazzup Dearest Claretians!

    I would like to thank our dearest teachers. My classmates are great like my friend Gabriel. Claretians rockz! Batch I is the greatest. hihihihi!


  27. angelo said

    I hope we will have a goodtime together in youth radio.

  28. Don said

    Thank you Youth Radio for Picking Claret School of Quezon City as the only Asian Country here….

    I’m proud to be a claretian because I have learned the Core Values

    Thank You!

  29. 23 gino 1-SLG said

    Dear fellow Claretians,
    Nice job… and I’m very proud! May all of claretians and other students join forces to build a good world.


  30. Mikey said

    hi younger claretians!!

    it’s good to hear the voices of my younger schoolmates here in the youthradio program because this gives them the opportunity to be heard around the world and be recognized as filipinos and as claretians! I also hope that other claretians get the chance to be heard about issues and stuff about the world because we too have a voice so USE them! Thanks guys for bringing an honor to our school and i hope you can continue it

    Mikey I-sjb

  31. Gian said

    Hello fellow claretians i have hear your voices through youthradio. I am proub of our little bro. form CSQC.
    I hope that all claretians will join youth radio.I hope would reply.We are spreading the values that we learn from our school]

    Thank you!

  32. Karl said

    The BEST!!! I even heard my neighbor’s voice in it!!! Greetings to all of yoU who participated!
    Didn’t have any regrets listening to it. Do more…Do well! AWESOME!!!!!!!

    -Karl Anthony

  33. said

    That was a very interesting podcast. I wonder what the robots are made of. I wonder what the robots do. I wonder what it’s like to live there. I wonder how you make a robot.

    I have to many wonders to write.

  34. Kimiko said

    I think it was really interesting to learn that some of your hobbies are the same as mine. Such as building Robots and some other things. You guys did a fantastic job!

    Sincerely, Kimiko

  35. mackenzie said

    Wow!!! you’re school sound very interesting. It sounds like you really really like going to school and learing lots of new things each day!!! You certainally have alot of hobbies that you like. We also play basketball in America!! I hope that you visit our podcast for Massachusetts!!


  36. erik said

    hey fellow filipinos.. its great to hear from you guys. im filipino myself and i would be more interested to hear more from claret school. bye!


  37. tristan said

    Hey looks like you guys have a lot of interesting stuff, i hope you guys get to make another.

  38. Mira said

    This is really interesting. I hope you guys can hear our podcast soon in california! 😀 😀

    – Mira

  39. Mira said

    It is great hearing you guys from the Philippines! I like your accents! Keep up the good work!

    – Mira

  40. nadine said

    hi guys i really like to hear from the philippines! It was nice to hear i really liked your accent and keep up your honor and pride 🙂

    – nadine

  41. Jose said

    Good job guys with your podcast. Keep up the great work and I would like to hear more of you guys.

    Jose ):

  42. melanee said

    i liked your guys’ accents. Its cool to hear your voices 😀

  43. Mackenzie said

    i loved this podcast! I think it is really neat on how you share your great pride in your country!

    ps-love ya!

    see ya: Mackenzie!

  44. Haylee said

    Great Job! I hope to hear more podcasts from you soon.

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