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The Elements — from the Philippines

Posted by dogtrax on March 20, 2007

The Elements is the story of Basilan (a remote part of the Philippines) presented in a unique way. Combining dance, music, myth, actual events, dazzling costumes, and modern technology all rolled into one. Who would ever expect that a group of students from the remotest and perceived to be the most troubled spot in the Philippines could come up with such a world class play? Basilan was a battlefield for more than 30 years between Christians and Muslims and this a musical play features both Christians and Muslims in the cast. Not only that, the students speak in several native dialects such as Chavacano, Visayan, Yakan and Tausog and yet they were able to unite and come up with a superb performance. The performance is by a sister school of the Claret School of Quezon City and the Claret students have been working on a website to showcase The Elements production.

Listen to podcast of excerpts from The Elements

posted by students from Claret School in Quezon City, Philippines

5 Responses to “The Elements — from the Philippines”

  1. Knoble said

    Wow! What a great podcast. Even though I’ve heard lots of stories about the Philippine Islands, I’ve never heard this.

  2. Hi colleagues,

    I missed the NWP Spring Meeting here at the Capitol, how did it go? I was looking forward to seeing again all my Writing Project colleagues but then my leave wasn’t approved. Anyways, hope to see everyone soon!

    Yes, this is my country the Philippines, and these are my colleagues back home. Aren’t they great? Until now, they still impress me, most especially the students, with their world class creativity, talent and imagination. Thank you Rox and Kevin for featuring this here in the Youth Radio website.

  3. tristan said

    Hi great job you guys this is a great story

  4. Mira said

    Wow keep up the good work guys! šŸ˜‰ Hope you enjoyed youthradio alot!!! šŸ˜€

    – Mira

  5. ashlyn said

    Hi that was great keep up the good work!!!


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