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Poems for Two Voices

Posted by dogtrax on April 28, 2007

Our study of listening, writing and performing poetry is slowly winding down (Mr. H will bring in his electric guitar, amplifier and drum machine next week to show students a bit about how poetry can inspire songwriting) and our classes worked on Poems for Two Voices in which two people weave their words in and out of each other. Here are a few of the poems written and performed by students.

Take a Listen


What kind of poems do you like?

Mr. H


30 Responses to “Poems for Two Voices”

  1. Glen L. Bledsoe said

    Very well done. And clever. I like the idea. Is that Mr. H playing guitar in the background? If so, I never he had that talent to add to his list. Maybe all the tech teachers need to put a band together. I play guitar and bass. Hhhmmm.

  2. What a fun podcast! I liked the variety of topics and voices. I wanted to share one of my favorite poems for two voices. It was written by a friend who teaches 8th graders. Sorry it’s not (yet) available as a podcast – A Graduation Poem for Two

  3. sandy said

    Wow! Those sounded really hard to perform. I loved the way these poems weave together and bounce off each other. Each poem made me keep guessing about what someone was going to say next. I would like to hear more of these poems!

  4. Lori 4th Grade Teacher said

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. These are some really great poems. I would like to share them with my class. We are going to be writing some very soon. Thanks!

  5. Viet said

    It was confusing at first, but when u listen to it more you can hear what they try to say.I like the last one.Poem for two voices rocks.

  6. ashlyn said

    Very interesting podcast!!!! It sounded like a lot of fun!!!!

  7. Viet said

    This was a great podcast.You guys made great poems.Poems for two voices rocks.

  8. Viet said

    These poems are funny and good.The last poem was the best.

  9. Viet said

    These poems was funny.The last one was the best.Poems for two voices rocks.

  10. Ashley K. said

    I like the idea! This piece has made me more excited to podcast!!!!

  11. tristan said

    Wow! this podcast has two voices to the poem that is so cool. It makes me very happy to podcast now

  12. Mira said

    This is really funny and cool! It sure sounds like fun doing, and welcome to youthradio!!!!!!

  13. shyanne said

    Great poems you guys! They made me laugh!!!! Your rhyming was good and your voices were loud so we can all understand you. Great work !

  14. Laura said

    Wow that was so funny! I loved the last part of your podcast. I hope to hear more of your poems.

    Sincerly, Laura

  15. nadine said

    those are really good poems and it is funny!!! šŸ™‚ I hope you guys like youthradio i hope you enjoy!! šŸ˜‰

  16. erik said

    wow! what a cool podcast. good job!

  17. Jonathan said

    awesome poems!!!!! i loved the last one! hahaha. welll keep up with the good work!!


  18. Mira said

    This sure is funny! šŸ˜€ Keep up the good work guys!!! I love this podcast!! Excellent job!! šŸ˜‰

    – Mira

  19. Ashley . J said

    Wow you guys are funny and good!I love it! i hope i hear more poems from you! šŸ™‚

    -Ashley.J šŸ™‚

  20. Erin said

    Wow I love this podcast ! Its so unique and funny!And I love the idea of confusion!

    I love the last one it was my new favorite podcast

  21. Helen said

    Those poems were so cool! I love the way two people would talk at the same time, it was just like real life, people competing to tell their story first. My favorite was “No one tells us what to do”.

  22. Mackenzie said

    Wow great podcast! I loved the last part of the podcast when that girl wanted to shave her head. Good thing she didn’t! Ha ha! Well got to go listen to your hillarious podcast again! Bye for now!

  23. shyanne said

    So this is my second time listening. It’s very interesting to listen to.I like all the poems alot šŸ™‚ .

  24. katie said

    It is cool how you worked together as 1 voice useing 2…
    I can’t wait to listen to your other podcasts!!!


  25. mackenzie said

    Wow great podcast! I love the last part of the podcast, that part was the most hillarious to me. I have to go listen to that podcast three more times! Ha ha! well I got to go.

  26. Haylee said

    very good. it was confusing at first but after i listened to it for a while i understood it.

  27. nadine said

    wow lol i really like the podcast it was really funny! well keep up the good work hope u enjoy youthradio šŸ™‚

    – nadine

  28. melanee said

    haha that was a funny podcast. i liked the last poem .

  29. Richard said

    That pod cast was super funny especially the last one. šŸ™‚

  30. So glad I found this web site. I’ve just begun a “digital audio” project with my student poets. I will share this podcast with them as an inspiration!

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