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Voices of Norris

Posted by dogtrax on November 26, 2007

Students in Southampton, Massachusetts, have already been busy this year with podcasting and are getting excited about Youth Radio.

Here are some of our podcasts this year:

What do you think?


8 Responses to “Voices of Norris”

  1. Thank you, Norris students, for sharing your thoughts on how to improve your community. I hope you will have many opportunities during this school year to go public with your proposals. You can make a difference – even before you reach the voting age!

    I live near Sacramento,California, and work for the Elk Grove School District (home to Butler Elementary School). Even though our school districts are on opposites edges of the nation and continent, I suspect you share some common thoughts on what your communities need to make them better places for you and your families to live, learn, and work. Many of you commented on the need to slow down building. It sounds as if new housing developments are destroying your wild life habitats. Elk Grove is one of the fastest growing communities in Northern California and has therefore also lost much of its open space in the last few years.

    Some of you talked about the need for more parks and recreational areas. The Elk Grove community is now starting to deal with a whole new set of problems that arise when you have too many kids living in an area with too few things to do after school and on weekends.

    I know the Butler students will be joining the Youth Radio community soon. Maybe this year, besides learning about issues each other’s communities, you might look for some common issues and then join forces to brainstorm on how to transform your ideas into community action.

    I’m looking forward to following your conversations throughout the school year,

    Gail Desler
    Tech Support Specialist
    Elk Grove School District

  2. Amelia said

    I’m so glad that you all are working with radio, it is a great experience to have. I am an eighth grader at Rio Gallinas Charter School, of Expeditionary learning. In Las Vegas New Mexico. We just finished a project were we made 6 radio shows, each addressing world crisis. The group I am in is focusing on child labor around the world, we were mostly focused on Peru. Each of the radio shows are 40 minutes long and they could not have been made without the help or the students at The United World College of The American West. So please drop by our website: or go to I-tunes and type in the keyword: United World Radio.Thanks so much, Amelia. P.S. You guys have nice sound quality. Good work!

  3. Eliza said

    hello i am Eliza Mcleod i am in seventh grade and i go to Rio Gallinas school in las Vegas new Mexico USA and we have created six forty minute radio programs and we wanted to hare it with you we have a web site and we also have an I-tunes account our web site is and we would like you to take a look at it. these six forty minute radio programs have been created by the seventh and eighth graders and all of them are based on different thing there is: health,slavery and servitude,personal freedoms and arts and thechnology than you for taking the time to read this
    Eliza and Rio Gallinas

  4. DMK team said

    We listened to group 1 about changing the town and how to change the world from September 11th.

    We really like the ways you will change the world and your town. We wish the world really could be like that. We agree with all your responses and we think that you expressed yourselves very well. You spoke in the podcast as if you meant you wanted it to be that way. We agree about wanting more flowers too because the land here is sort of like a desert area and is very dry.

    We look forward to hearing more from you.
    From the kids at American School of Madrid

  5. Shyanne said

    I listend to Group one, on how you would change your your town. The positive things are that your essays are really well ideas and that you actually put some thought into what you would like your town to be. The negative things are how your speaking was; the first person was a a little quite and seems like she is not really confident in what she is saying. The second person seems a little fast and out of breathe. The last person is good, but he needs to put all the words together and not just a signle words. Their idea’s are Very good like i said before, its just their performance they need to work on. Other then that, Keep up the good work. Hope to hear more from you soon!

  6. tristan said

    Very interesting stories they were really great!

  7. Haylee said

    I just got done listening to group one and its really sad that you don’t have very many stores, parks, or flowers.
    I almost forgot that not every place has those things.

  8. Mackenzie said

    I just listened to all the groups. I think all your ideas are fantastic! I really enjoyed listening to group number two. I think you guys in Mississipi should be allowed to build at least three more schools. I could just emagine puting myself into your shoes. I also wish the best of luck to you guys on youth radio. Remember to listen to my classes podcasts from Arthur C. Butler Elementary school in Elk Grove California. Bye for now!

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