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A Special Report About Michigan, USA

Posted by dogtrax on December 16, 2007

Reverse coin side (tails) of the Michigan quarter.

Our student reporters from Michigan, USA, prepared this insightful podcast about their home state, giving some history, points of interest and wonderful information.

Listen to the podcast from Monroe Elementary School.

What makes your state or country special? Use the comment section down below to add your thoughts.

10 Responses to “A Special Report About Michigan, USA”

  1. Hello Monroe Students,

    I just finished listening to your outstanding podcast. I have not yet visited Michigan, but if I ever have that opportunity, I will re-visit the podcast so I can arrive knowing what to look for, from the state tree right down to sand (I’ll have to check if my state of California has sand on its list of state items).

    The audio quality is outstanding! Clearly each reader was prepared with his or her part. Well done!

    What type of microphone did you use? Were you working with Audacity? Or Garage Band?

    Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more about your community.

    Mrs. Desler (from the Elk Grove School District, home to Butler Elementary School)

  2. Carina said

    I enjoyed learning about the state Michigan. You guys did a wonderful job keeping me entertained.Keep up the good work. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Mira said

    This is a really interesting report! Keep up the good work! I hope you enjoyed youthradio!

  4. jess! said

    I really enjoyed learning about your state.You guys really know a lot about the place you live in.

  5. Helen said

    You guys did a great job on your podcast! It was really cool to learn about your state! Can’t wait to hear from you again!

  6. Ashlie B. said

    I’m having a hard time trying to think of words that describe your passion for your state of Michigan. I really enjoyed learning about your state, and based on your description of your states flower, and all of the nature, I bet it is a very beautiful place. I really do hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Haylee said

    It’s so cool to hear what your state is about! I really like how you discribed the state reptile. they sound so cute.

  8. nadine said

    wow i really learned about michigan!! it is cool my friends visited michigan and they said that it is so cool well keep it up youthradio!;)

  9. Jonathan said

    wow listening to this makes me learn about Michigan…i like the way you spoke clearly. GOOD JOB!

  10. Mackenzie said

    I think that Michigan is an interesting place. I loved this podcast GO MICHIGAN!

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