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Greetings from Madrid, Spain

Posted by dogtrax on December 18, 2007

The students from the American School in Madrid, Spain, have sent forth this greeting for everyone.


Listen to their greeting (with an international flavor)

What languages do you speak?

18 Responses to “Greetings from Madrid, Spain”

  1. Welcome American School students. How exciting to hear your voices! I’m looking forward to learning more about your community!

    Mrs. Desler

  2. Jim Faires said

    Great to hear your voices. Welcome to the site. We will be publishing a number of pieces soon. Please listen for our podcasts from California.

    Mr. Faires

  3. eva said

    It was very exciting to hear your voices. In our class we have been talking about hearing from other kids and it is interesting to hear another language.Please listen to our podcasts from Massachusetts.
    Sincerely, Eva

  4. Paige said

    It was cool to hear peoples different sounding/ different languages, since we are so used to only hearing ours!
    From, Paige

  5. Katie said

    WOW!! You guys sound great! I wish I could speak Spanish! Very great hearing you, hope you enjoy youth radio.


  6. Haylee said

    Great Job! I like how you spoke in Spanish first! It really shows culture differences being combined.

  7. tristan said

    Cool podcast. I wish I could speak different kinds of languages!

  8. Jose said

    I like how you kids did the effort to put this podcast into youthradio, keep up the great work
    and we will be delighted to hear more of your podcast.


  9. Mira said

    It’s great hearing you guys! I wish i could speak spanish. Welcome to the youthradio, and i hope you could hear our podcasts in my class from California!

  10. nadine said

    wow i love your podcast!! i wish i can speak all those languages i really want to speak spanish well i hope you enjoy youthradio!!! 😉

    – nadine

  11. Mackenzie said

    Awsome webcast! I love your spanish accents. I would love to talk to you in person. Have fun on Youthradio.

  12. Ashlie B. said

    I can hear the passion in your voices for intoducing your school, and now I am looking forward to learning spanish. I like how you guys say every word all together in a group. Good job!

  13. Mira said

    I love your webcast!!!! You guys did really great, and its really great to hear your voices. Keep up the good work! 😉

    – Mira

  14. shyanne said

    I like how you guys did it in spanish and english. You shared some of your Hispanic culture. Its interesting to hear stuff in different languages. Hope to hear from you guys often!

  15. Ashley . J said

    Hi Girls and Guy I loved how you did your Spanish and English you can hear it really good!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good Work! 🙂 and I hope to hear you soon!

    -Ashley 🙂

  16. laura said

    You guys were so cool. My favorite part of your podcast was you guys talking in spanish. Thank you and I hope to hear more about you.


  17. Helen said

    I really liked how you included part of your culture in your greeting! Welcome to Youth Radio and I can’t wait to hear more from you!!

  18. Adam said

    WOW guys can you teach me how to speak like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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