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Personal Narratives from New Jersey

Posted by dogtrax on December 23, 2007

Students from Robbinsville, New Jersey started the school year retelling memorable moments in their lives. After several lessons on writing craft, the students wrote personal narratives using imagery, dialogue, and thoughts/emotions. The students have worked hard writing and revising; let us know what you think!

To listen to our podcast, click below:

Group 1

Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

Thanks for listening. What is one important moment from your life? You can use the comment link here to leave feedback for the New Jersey students or to tell your own story.

12 Responses to “Personal Narratives from New Jersey”

  1. Nancy vonWahlde said

    We listened to the group one memory. It was a great story and very focused. We really liked it. You did a great job choosing words that described actions and people.
    Thank you!
    From the Digital Media Kids at the American School of Madrid

  2. Hello New Jersey,

    I just finished listening to Group 4’s stories (I’m going in reverse order) and both are wonderful! I would love to hear a little about the revision process you went through to get your pieces from an initial idea to a polished podcast. I think for many writers, it’s sometimes difficult to know when to end a story, but, clearly, that was not a problem for either of you!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. Desler

  3. Mr, Faires said

    Terrific job! You have inspired our class to get posting right away. Keep up the great writing.

    Mr. Faires

  4. Helen said

    Your class did a great job with your podcast! I love the way you used a variety of words! After listening to your podcast, I’m even more excited than before to start posting!!


    Helen, I too am very much looking forward to Butler’s upcoming podcasts!

    Hope to hear you soon,
    Mrs. Desler

  5. haylee said

    Good Job!!!! I’m ready to get posting now because you made it look so fun! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  6. Erin said

    I thought Your class spoke in a very proficient way. It showed your class are great readers and writers!

  7. Mira said

    Your class did a terrific job!! It inspired my class into posting too. We are going to begin posting right away.


  8. tristan said

    Great stories, i hope u guys get to make more and keep up the good job

  9. nadine said

    great job! i lke how you inspired me with your voices and it makes me want to post more stuff on youthradio so keep it up!! 😉

  10. Brian said

    Hey, I just finished listening to group 2 The Snaping Turtle story was funny and also wierd.
    I hope you make a sequel to that story , Im looking foward to it.


  11. Mira said

    I like the story from group three, its funny! 🙂 Keep up the good work. 😀

  12. Mackenzie said

    I love goup ones story! I think the christmas story was hillarious! Way to go New Jersy!

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