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What Words Would You Invent?

Posted by dogtrax on January 20, 2008

Here at the Norris School in Massachusetts, we have been studying the origins of the English Language and as part of our study, we created some new words that we would like to see in the dictionary. This was done as part of a wiki and a podcast project.

Would you like to hear our words? Take a listen.

And here are our written words:

  • Antibiblious — Against books.
  • Bidana – a pink fruit with blue and magenta stripes.
  • Blizzle – Lots of homework.
  • Cloony: The act of being a kook. Not knowing anything.
  • Cowcalama: Loving cows more than anything in the whole wide world.
  • Fugiggling — The act of laughing for no reason.
  • Healcar– A type of medicine.
  • Herveing — To run really fast and trip and get hurt
  • Ronnoco– [noun] People that dislike Barry Bonds.
  • Slcunk: Something that smells.
  • Skuzzbombs: The act of expressing anger in a humourous way without swearing.
  • Snackdidle– A food that you can eat a lot of
  • Tigwig — A poisonous blue beetle.
  • Unartle– Someone who does not do art.
  • Xly – A dish of pancakes, eggs, waffles, and lobster.
  • Zwig– An orange ostrich, wearing a pink tutu and eating a frozen mash potato TV dinner.

Now that you have heard and read our words, what words might you invent? Share them here through the comment feature on this post.

— The Norris School Sixth Grade Class

30 Responses to “What Words Would You Invent?”

  1. Katie said

    I love your words!! My favorite is Zwig. How did you come up with that word??

  2. What a fun project! If I had to place a bet on which word was most likely to eventually work its way into the dictionary, I would go for “unartle.”

    I’m not sure how many new words in an average year are added to dictionaries, but if you think about the words you use when talking about the Youth Radio project, for instance, some of those words, such as “podcast” or “clustr map,” are younger than most of you.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. Desler (who remembers when “keyboard” was only a noun)

  3. Ashley K. said

    I love your words! I like the word fugiggling the most! How did you guys come up with those words?

  4. Richard said

    Its really cool how you made your own words it really inspired me to do that to.

  5. Brian said

    Wow! That was great those words were hilarious! My word is Fladoodles a type of snack to eat when laughing.

  6. tristan said

    This is a cool podast, i can’t wait for more words!!!!!

  7. Erin said

    It was great.I thought your class had a unique sound to to the message .

  8. Mira said

    Wow i love your words!! They are really cool!! I liked all of them, and welcome to youthradio!

  9. nadine said

    wow guys i liked how you used your words!!! they are very interesting and i welcome everyone to youthradio!! 🙂

  10. Mackenzie said

    Wow great podcast! I love the word antibibulous. You’re not the only ones who dislikes books.

    Keep up the good work,

  11. Mac said

    I think that it is really cool that you’re inventing new words for our english language. There were a lot of creative words in there and I enjoyed listening to it.
    My favorite word was antibiblious.

  12. Haylee said

    Your words are amazing! how did you come up with those words. I would have never thoughts of those, but they do make sense. It must have taken lots of effort.

  13. Helen said

    Those words are amazing! I’d be really cool to see some of them (or all) appear in a future dictionary!

    PS – No doubt about it, I’m a unartle!!

  14. Ashlie B. said

    I think that those words are very creative, and it would be great to see them in a dictionary in the future. The word thats my favorite is fugiggling is because I laugh without any reason a lot. Keep up the good work.

  15. Carina said

    This is a great! I love all of the words. My favorite is fugiggling. Hope to hear some new words soon. Great job!


  16. victoria said

    wow, those words were awesome! I couldn’t help but fugiggle while I listened to your post.

  17. Mira said

    I love the word fugiggling!! You all made up really good words. 😀 Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

    – Mira

  18. Ashley . J said

    Wow! You guys use big words! but i was good!!!!!!! 🙂

    Hope to hear you soon!

    -Ashley.J :]

  19. Mackenzie said

    Hello again I really love the word fuggiggling. Me and my freinds always laugh for no reason. I guess my sister would be fuggiggling so loud if she hears the word the word and defoniton of cowcallama. HA HA HA!!! well i got to go fuggiggle!

  20. meg0001 said

    hi i am from austraila i like your words they are very good I can not say them. i have started school i am in year 7 my name is teika. nice work guys

  21. mun0003 said

    Gadday I’m from Australia. Our class are going to do what you did very soon. we thought it would be fun.

  22. cou0002 said

    hello I am from Australia I like the way you used your imagination in your pod cast.

  23. meg0001 said

    hi i am from Australia i like your words they are very good I can not say them. i have started school i am in year 7 my name is teika. Nice work guys!

  24. meg0001 said

    hi i am from Australia i like your words they are very good I can not say them. i have started school i am in year 7 my name is teika. Nice work guys

  25. joh0061 said

    hello im from Australia
    I really liked all the words but I especially liked the word skuzzbombs I thought it was different and an interesting word. I also liked the meaning of the word.

  26. coo0007 said

    g’day from Hawkesdale college in Aus. i like the word zwig because it is the best one. It is our first day of school and we are going for a swim today.

  27. hol0004 said

    Hello i’m from Australia
    your words are great.
    My favourite of all your words is Snackdidle
    i like that cause it sounds cool.

  28. bar0004 said

    howdy from Australia

    its nice and sunny here

    I liked your words couse yous explained what it meant
    Its good to share great work

  29. tristan said

    I like the way you invent words its so cool!
    i hope our class gets to make up words

  30. laura said

    Wow! That was so cool my favorite word is Zwig it made me very hungry. Thank for sharing!!!


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