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Invented Words from Spain

Posted by dogtrax on January 28, 2008

Our friends in Spain enjoyed the invented words from Massachusetts so much they decided to invent their own. Take a listen.

  • Zuny – a printer that does not work
  • Nert – an out in baseball when you do it with three foul balls
  • Malawool – a law that has to do with wool
  • Sapatum – when somebody is so excited about what they are doing and they start to go crazy and break things. My friend had a sapatum when we were playing our first soccer game in our team.
  • Panoranoia – a panoranmic paranoia. In the classroom there was panoranoia.
  • Emoke – see something that no one saw before
  • Mowan – an extremely crazy person
  • Mowanotang – a cross between a mowan (see above) and an orangutan. You are a mowan/mowanotang

How about you? What words can you invent?

25 Responses to “Invented Words from Spain”

  1. youthradio said

    Hello friends from Spain
    I loved your words and I particularly enjoyed the word “emoke” because it means something entirely new has been discovered.
    Thanks for sharing here at Youth Radio.
    Mr. Hodgson
    Norris Elementary School

  2. Mira said

    Wow i love your words! Those words are really interesting, and welcome to Youthradio!

  3. Brian said

    Cool new words. I was wondering do you just make it up at the top of your head ?
    Please submit some more words those were Awesome.


  4. Erin said

    *I thought that the words were awsome such as, Mowan which is a very cool word! Your class did a very good job and spoke clearly.*

  5. Jonathan said

    WOW!! how do you come up with these words they’re so awesome!!! my favorite one was “mowan” it reminds me of my brother. well good job and keep up the good work

    Talk to you soon

  6. haylee said

    I really like how your class made words that no one thought of before. Its great! 🙂

  7. Mira said

    I love these words alot!! I love the words Sapatum and Mowan! Keep up the good work!! 😉

    – Mira

  8. Helen said

    That is so cool that you made words by yourself! Like I said to the class in Massachusetts, it would be so cool if your words popped up in next years dictionary!!

  9. Melanee said

    I like this podcast. I’m mexican but I cant speak Spanish. I’d really like to learn though someday. I also like how you guys came up with the great words.

  10. Helen said

    i really like the words that you guys used the word “mowan” reminds me of my sister:) well i hope you guys enjoy youthradio keep up the good work!! 😉

  11. Shyanne said

    That was really great:D . These words are really interesting! Hope to hear more words from you guys soon!


  12. laura said

    That was so cool and funny. My favorite word is “Emoke” because it kind of scary.


  13. katie said

    Cool words!!! If i could invent a word it would be LOOLOO- having totally lost your mind…


  14. I work in my district’s Technology Services Department, so I can’t wait to refer to the pile of printers in need of repair as “zunies.” I’ll let you know if our techies get right away what I’m talking about.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Desler

  15. wal0008 said

    Hello I am from Australia I really liked the idea about the words. I think the words should be in the dictonary. This is my second day at school and it has been a lot of fun so far. WE are going to have a sleep over at school and we are also going to the pool.

  16. win0003 said

    gday from the land of oz love the words by

  17. lam0003 said

    Hello Im from australia Its my 2nd day back at school today. The words were cool.

  18. win0003 said

    gday from the land of oz. Love the words. Hope you had fun creating the words.

  19. win0003 said

    gday from the land of oz. Love the words. Hope you had fun creating the words

  20. hoc0001 said

    hi im sophie im from australia
    we have just come back from our school holidays and we might be going to the pool today(if it stops raining). I love your words My favourite was mowan it was so cool. Make up more words i really like them! by sophie**

  21. gla0054 said

    howdy from australia

    i like how you presented your work. it was good i liked nert go nert.

  22. wal0006 said

    HELLO from oz. we just got back to school,
    Love the words should make more.

  23. ahmari said

    hi,this is ahmari I really liked your words I hope you make more, becuase they they were really creative especially panoranoia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mackenzie said

    I love all your cool words! I hope you can post another cast really soon I know my class will! listen to our podcast from California we just posted a new good one! Bye for now!

  25. Viet said

    This is a great podcast.Mowan is the best word.

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