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More Words from the World

Posted by dogtrax on February 20, 2008

Australian sixth-graders enjoyed the creation of new words so much that they began to invent their own to add to our Youth Radio list (see words from Germany and Massachusetts, USA, down below).

Here are their words and here are their voices:

Greenage: a green colour

Tracli : animals that climb or live in trees

Bool : boring, but cool

Delimbia: an unknown planet

Annoyzgonzola : someone who is annoying but you don’t know how to tell them

Hockle doodle doo: a really bad dancer

Cakeacola : cake with coke in it, or coke with cake in it

Hogglewoggle: a pig in a blanket

Abbracigiggles: someone on a bike who wears braces but instead of tyres they are pogo sticks

Chesstick: a person who loves chess

Mummarola: mum turning the TV off on your favourite part

We hope you enjoyed the words!

— Youth Radio

14 Responses to “More Words from the World”

  1. Hello to the Wild About Australia group and welcome to Youth Radio. It’s exciting to watch the YR community grow – check out our ClutrMap – and to hear so many different voices.

    Mrs. Desler (who is on occasion a “mummarola” πŸ™‚

  2. nadine said

    Hi Australia! we got to talk to you guys on the Megaconfernce Jr.! It was so cool and I really like the word “bool” because it reminds me of myself! I am sometimes bored but then it is cool. lol Well, keep it up Youthradio!

    – nadine πŸ™‚

  3. DMK team said

    Hi kids in Australia!
    We enjoyed your new words. Bool is very bool- it’s bool that it mixes two words together. Something can be cool and boring at the same time- like a soccer/futbol game or school.
    We are a new batch of Digital Media Kids and want to make our own words now- look for them. We also like the music and want to add music to our recording the next time.
    Hasta la vista,
    The ASMadrid kids

  4. Helen said

    Great job guys! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

    PS – Welcome to Youth Radio!!1

  5. Mira said

    Hey Australia!! Those are really neat words! My favorite word is HoggleWoggle! A pig in a blanket would be so cute!! Nice work making up all these cool words! It must be hard to make up such words. Keep up the good work Australia!

    – Mira

  6. Mackenzie said

    I love all your words but the one I love the most was mummarola. My mom always turns the TV off when my favorite part of a movie or show comes on. Listen to our podcasts from California! Bye

  7. Melanee said

    I liked this podcast and your voices. My favorite word is cakeacola. πŸ™‚

  8. ahmari said

    i really liked your words that you made up I hope you make a lot more. I especially like the word
    cakeacola!!our class is working on making more!!!!!

  9. Mira said

    Hi everyone in Australia! I loved your words! My favorite word is Hockle Doodle Doo, it reminds me of myself! I sure am i bad dancer, but i love to dance. Keep up the good work!

    – Mira

  10. Carina said

    Wow I am glad to hear from you guys all the way in Australia! Those are some cool words. Hope to hear from you guys again.

    Carina πŸ˜€

  11. Haylee said

    Welcome to youth radio, your podcast is great I like all of your words. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  12. Di said

    I really enjoyed your new words. I found your podcast after finding information about blogs – we have just started a blog at our school and Podcasts are high on my “to do” list too.

    Well done.

  13. John Moshi said

    It’s really cool to listen to the exciting radio prog of the kids. It’s nice to know and hear that the young ones are interested in language in the first place-we thought that era is gone. However, one should exercise judiciousness in taking these words on board, giving them currency. Kids have the responsibility to learn words not to create words: for fun yes, but not mint them for wider use.

  14. Ms. Thompson said

    Hello from Texas. I love your new words. I am a teacher and also a student in a Masters of Reading Program at a university. This gives me a lot of great ideas for my class. Keep up your good work!

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