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Live from the Megaconference Jr.

Posted by dogtrax on February 21, 2008

The 2008 Megaconference Jr has started. We’ll be presenting the Youth Radio project live from Butler Elementary School at around 2:00 pst. We hope lots of our YR community can view us at the Megaconference Jr site. We’ll keep updating you on events. Please jump in with comments. We’ll keep blogging the event throughout the day.


21 Responses to “Live from the Megaconference Jr.”

  1. youthradio said

    Hi!!!!! We are starting the Megaconference in a few minutes. We are very excited and we would like to see some of you on the blogging!

  2. youthradio said

    Only a few more minutes (hopefully) before we start! We are practicing our pieces.:) =) 😉

  3. This is really exciting to be joining in the Megaconference Jr.! We’re watching a demonstration of the color guard group from Elmhurst High School in Massachussetts. Very neat!

  4. Victoria said

    the megaconference is really neat because you can talk to the world.

  5. youthradio said

    Butler Elementary School is on right now!;) We are very happy to come on and talk to people that we haven’t talk to, so hope fully we will talk to you thanks! 😉

  6. Rene Carver said

    Thanks for taking on the challenge to present to MegaConferenceJr.

  7. youthradio said

    We are talking to Hawaii, Australia, Taiwan, and many states!! 😉

  8. Carina said

    That was so fun!! It was great to be on the panel. It is an amazing memory! 😀 😀 ;D

  9. shyanne said

    Today we did the Mega conference! It was really exciting. Its not always an oppurtunity to get out of your classroom without actually stepping outside the door. I hope everyone in the future Can have a chance to be involved in something like this. Our world has changed alot. I’m proud to be in an awsome generation.

  10. nadine said

    omg I loved the Megaconference. I think that it is the best thing so far it is so cool we talked to Australia, Taiwan, and even Hawaii. Well, keep it up Youthradio 🙂

    – Nadine

  11. Mira said

    The Megaconference was very neat. I liked when we talked to lots of classes in the world! We talked to Australia, Taiwan, and Hawaii! It was really fun!

    – Mira

  12. ashlyn said

    WOW the megaconfrence was fun it was nice to see and hear from different people from around the world!!!!


  13. Ashley. J said

    It was rellay fun doing the megaconference becuase we got to talk to people from diffrent places but only some of use not alll but i thought that we were alll going to do it but it was only some of use but it was rellay fun and we got to stay after school but some people will wont to leave early but we wanted to stay late because it was so fun!!!!

    well sorry it long but thats all i got to say for NOW! 🙂

    🙂 *Ashley. J* 🙂

  14. melanee said

    The megaconfrence was great. It was so neat on how we could talk to people from different countries. I don’t think i’ve ever heard of any students doing a project like this 🙂

  15. Mackenzie said

    My class got to participate in the Mega conference jr. and I thought it was amazing to talk to kids in:
    Australia, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Canada

    – Mackenzie!

  16. Haylee said

    The megaconference was so cool Elk Grove got to talk to Australia, Hawaii, and Taiwan.

  17. tristan said

    wow mega coference was great. it was so much fun 😀

    Taiwan has a 10 hour day school thats a long long long time

  18. Haylee said

    Being in the Mega conference was really cool. I’m so glad that I got to talk about Elk Grove to many others!!! It was a amazing opportunity that most students don’t get to experience.

  19. victoria said

    the megaconfrence was an amasing oppertunity ,something like that dosent happen often. infact our class and everybody who participated was very lucky because its a once in a lifetime project victoria : )

  20. brian said

    hi im form butler and i was one of the spokespeople in the mega conference.

  21. Haylee said

    I would like to say thank you to Mr. Faires and Ms. Desler! You made the mega conference jr. happen!!!!

    – HAYLEE :):)

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