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Follow Your Dreams …

Posted by dogtrax on December 9, 2008

Here are some more dreams from students in Australia:

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More Words from the World

Posted by dogtrax on February 20, 2008

Australian sixth-graders enjoyed the creation of new words so much that they began to invent their own to add to our Youth Radio list (see words from Germany and Massachusetts, USA, down below).

Here are their words and here are their voices:

Greenage: a green colour

Tracli : animals that climb or live in trees

Bool : boring, but cool

Delimbia: an unknown planet

Annoyzgonzola : someone who is annoying but you don’t know how to tell them

Hockle doodle doo: a really bad dancer

Cakeacola : cake with coke in it, or coke with cake in it

Hogglewoggle: a pig in a blanket

Abbracigiggles: someone on a bike who wears braces but instead of tyres they are pogo sticks

Chesstick: a person who loves chess

Mummarola: mum turning the TV off on your favourite part

We hope you enjoyed the words!

— Youth Radio

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