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Live from the Megaconference Jr.

Posted by dogtrax on February 21, 2008

The 2008 Megaconference Jr has started. We’ll be presenting the Youth Radio project live from Butler Elementary School at around 2:00 pst. We hope lots of our YR community can view us at the Megaconference Jr site. We’ll keep updating you on events. Please jump in with comments. We’ll keep blogging the event throughout the day.


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Youth Radio Project To Be Heard Around the World

Posted by dogtrax on February 16, 2008

Hello Youth Radio Community,

This Thursday, February 21, Mr. Faires’s class at Butler Elementary will be taking the Youth Radio project to a worldwide audience! Somewhere around 2:00 pst, we will be using a videoconferencing camera to connect to the Megaconference Jr., an international interactive videoconference by and for students. Click here to read more about the event.megaconference.jpg

What would you like us to tell the world about the Youth Radio project? Please let us know. Better yet, visit the Megaconference site on Thursday and watch our presentation. We’ll have a couple of students monitoring the Youth Radio blog throughout the day and during the presentation, so if you have questions or ideas you want to share, be sure to post a comment.

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Butler Elementary School Introduction

Posted by dogtrax on February 7, 2008

img_2204.jpgHi. Here’s the first podcast from Butler Elementary in California. We wanted to share our hopes for the new year.

Please join us and let us know what you would like see happen in 2008.

To listen to our introductions, click here. Or listen here

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Taking a Stand – The Sugihara Story

Posted by dogtrax on February 14, 2007

sugihara2.jpgOur class would love to share this inspiring story of courage and humanity. The Sugihara Story details how one man took a stand to do what he knew was right, and as a result saved the lives of hundreds of people.
Students of Mr. Faires’s class Elk Grove, California

To listen to our podcast, click here.

or here

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Looking Ahead to the New Year and Beyond

Posted by dogtrax on January 19, 2007


Mr. Faires’s class in California has been looking ahead and thinking about what they would like to accomplish during the New Year – or at some point in the future.We hope you will listen and respond to our hopes and dreams.

Listen to the Students


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Youth Radio Crosses the Nation!

Posted by dogtrax on October 30, 2006

Hello Odyssey School! This is exciting to hear the Youth Radio voices connect from the East Coast to the Rockies to the West Coast!

Besides listening to each other, many students are also responding to other in writing by clicking on the Comment link.  We recognize that it might be a little confusing to make it obvious when you wish to respond to a specific person’s comment.  One thing you can try is to use the person’s name in your comment (e.g. check out Trevor’s response to Tyler).

Note to Butler students (who are off-track for a couple of weeks): Be sure to read the Blog Netiquette page for ideas on how to write a meaningful post. If we haven’t approved one of your posts, try editing it to add a little more content:-)

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Hello from California

Posted by dogtrax on October 26, 2006

Hello to the Youth Radio community! We would like to share a bit about our community – Sacramento, California. Our school, Arthur C. Butler, is actually located a little south of Sacramento in an area called Elk Grove. We’re just about mid-way between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Today’s podcast is our first, and we are looking forward to many more.


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Starting Up the Radio

Posted by dogtrax on October 1, 2006


We are hoping to create a community of student voices throught this Weblog site in which audiocasts/podcasts will play a critical role in the ways in which young people can express their ideas, interact with each other and consider issues on both local and global scales. In doing so, we hope to plant some seeds of understanding among them.

Their voices need to be heard and this site is being designed to help them do that.

So, where are we from?

So far:

  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Washington DC
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Puerto Rico (working on it)
  • Phillipines (hopefully)
  • and more will be listed soon.

As a first step, you can listen to students at Norris Elementary School in Southampton on the first day of school this year as they consider either the things they are looking forward to or the things they are worrying about.

Norris Students on the First Day of School

— Kevin H.

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