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A Collective Welcome to Youth Radio, Year Two

Posted by dogtrax on December 1, 2007



Our launch of the second year of Youth Radio is now underway, as students in a handful of participating schools (Mississippi, Colorado, Michigan and New Jersey) recorded a greeting and sent those files to the Norris School in Massachusetts, where students edited them into one official Welcome podcast.

Take a listen to our greetings

(Two Norris students use Audacity to do some sound editing on the “Welcome to Youth Radio” files)



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2006 Memoir Podcasts

Posted by dogtrax on January 19, 2007

Happy New Year From Colorado!

Our crew is reminiscing about our most vivid family memories of 2006. We made podcasts for our parents as New Year gifts. The music and stories are all original.

Please visit our list of podcasts to hear what we remember most about 2006.

2006 Image

More podcasts will be added in the next two weeks, so visit often!

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Howdy From Colorado

Posted by dogtrax on October 30, 2006


Howdy Youth Radio listeners!

This is the first podcast from your friends at The Odyssey School. We are a K-8 Expeditionary Learning school located just east of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado. Our crew is called Specraloud. Check out our crew website.

Listen to our podcast about Colorado.

You’ll have to excuse some parts of our broadcast. We haven’t mastered recording our voices yet…


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Starting Up the Radio

Posted by dogtrax on October 1, 2006


We are hoping to create a community of student voices throught this Weblog site in which audiocasts/podcasts will play a critical role in the ways in which young people can express their ideas, interact with each other and consider issues on both local and global scales. In doing so, we hope to plant some seeds of understanding among them.

Their voices need to be heard and this site is being designed to help them do that.

So, where are we from?

So far:

  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Washington DC
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi
  • Puerto Rico (working on it)
  • Phillipines (hopefully)
  • and more will be listed soon.

As a first step, you can listen to students at Norris Elementary School in Southampton on the first day of school this year as they consider either the things they are looking forward to or the things they are worrying about.

Norris Students on the First Day of School

— Kevin H.

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