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Invented Words from Spain

Posted by dogtrax on January 28, 2008

Our friends in Spain enjoyed the invented words from Massachusetts so much they decided to invent their own. Take a listen.

  • Zuny – a printer that does not work
  • Nert – an out in baseball when you do it with three foul balls
  • Malawool – a law that has to do with wool
  • Sapatum – when somebody is so excited about what they are doing and they start to go crazy and break things. My friend had a sapatum when we were playing our first soccer game in our team.
  • Panoranoia – a panoranmic paranoia. In the classroom there was panoranoia.
  • Emoke – see something that no one saw before
  • Mowan – an extremely crazy person
  • Mowanotang – a cross between a mowan (see above) and an orangutan. You are a mowan/mowanotang

How about you? What words can you invent?

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Greetings from Madrid, Spain

Posted by dogtrax on December 18, 2007

The students from the American School in Madrid, Spain, have sent forth this greeting for everyone.


Listen to their greeting (with an international flavor)

What languages do you speak?

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