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What do you think? A Youth Radio Survey

Posted by dogtrax on November 10, 2006

Although we are different schools, from different parts of the country, it would be interesting to think of the things we have in common. So we are going to launch a series of surveys that we can take to gather information about ourselves.

Mr. Hodgson generated the first question and survey himself (after talking about Youth Radio with a few of his students about some possible topics of discussions for the future) and you can head to the survey by following the link below. The survey is all about the kinds of books that you like to read for pleasure. (Here is a helpful website about genre styles of literature.)


Head to the Survey about books you like to read.

Do YOU have a survey question you would like to post to the entire Youth Radio network? Use the comment feature with this post to offer up some suggestions for questions for future surveys and Mr. Hodgson will set them up. Try to generate some thoughtful questions and possible answers, too.

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