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Donny II: The Mummy and Donny Altman

Posted by dogtrax on May 8, 2007

Many people after listening to “Donny and the Ghost” have asked “What happens next to Donny?” The students at Molalla Elementary School have worked very diligently to provide an answer: this new tale. Not only did we write a new script, but we bought a new microphone and selected a different cast to play Donny, his mother and father and a host of supporting roles. (You — and Donny — get to meet Emma Jean Tealeaf at last.)

Donny II

If you haven’t yet listened to “Donny and the Ghost” we suggest you scroll down this page and do that first. After you’ve done so, sit back and relax for a story which we believe you will find very funny. Please let us know what you think.

— Mr. Bledsoe, 4th/5th grade teacher, Molalla, Elementary, Molalla, Oregon

Podcast: The Mummy and Donny Altman (33 minutes, 54 seconds)

or listen right here:

15 Responses to “Donny II: The Mummy and Donny Altman”

  1. Knoble said

    It was a great podcast. I can’t wait for the third one. (If your class is going to make one) Bye!! From Butler.

  2. I had a free minute today at work and listened to the opening of your podcast. I can’t wait to get home tonight and listen to the whole production!

  3. sandy said

    All I can say is, that better not be the end. I want to hear what happens when Emma Jean turns into Golda again. I want to hear how Donny reacts. Also, does she show up in the video game? It seems like the perfect place, since there’s some cool Egyptian stuff in Iron Fist Combat of the Golden Temple of Death 7. I think Mrs. Tealeaf would really like it if her daughter turned into an Egyptian princess. I’m not sure Mrs. Altman would really like it if Donny got interested in a mummified Egyptian princess…but who knows? Maybe it would be a good match. Will he take her to a school dance? How is school going to be for Donny in his new home?

    Thank you for this wonderful story. What does the ring look like?
    Sincerely, Dr. Shattuck — a fan of the Molalia Elementary School Donny Altman stories podcasters

  4. Nice work folks. Love the use of voice processing to get different characters/story points. I look forward to ‘Donny and the Invisible Man’! 😉

  5. mrsdurff said

    So very cool!

  6. tristan said

    Awsome podcast guys!

  7. Mira said

    This is really cool!! Good work!!

  8. Richard said

    This is a awesome story did you come up with it you your self

  9. Mira said

    I love this! It is very interesting, and i like the music in the beginning! Keep up the good work! 😉

    – Mira

  10. nadine said

    wow for all these “donny and the ghost ” stories are really i really like the music in the background keep it up!

    – nadine;)

  11. Ashley K. said

    This story was cool! This podcast has made me more excited in podcasting!!!!

  12. Helen said

    That was amazing! I felt like I was actually there, walking through the meuseum!! I hope you guy s make a third podcast about Donny, even though it’s a new class this year!

  13. ahmari said

    The first one:(Donny And The Ghost) I loved but this one is even cooler the music from both are awsome I especially like the video game music from the first one was pretty cool,great job!!!!

  14. Haylee said

    Good Job! It really felt like I was there. Great use of backround music and sound effects.

  15. brian said

    You guys have some great podcasts about Donny Altman.

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