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Dreaming the Future

Posted by dogtrax on October 24, 2008

Students at the Norris School in Massachusetts worked on a short video project at the start of the school year called Dream Scenes, in which they imagined something they hope will happen in their future and how they can attain it.

Having trouble with the flash player for this video podcast? You can download the movie file here.

2 Responses to “Dreaming the Future”

  1. Hello Norris Students,

    I really enjoyed listening to and learning about your dreams. Watching your illustrations was like icing on the cake. Could you share a bit about how you put this podcast, or I guess I should say “videocast” together? What program did you use for creating your illustrations? Did you edit in Movie Maker 2? How about your audio? Audacity?

    I’m looking forward to learning more about your school year, special projects, and life in Western Massachusetts.

    Mrs. Desler (teacher in Elk Grove, CA – near Sacramento)

  2. murcha said

    Hey, youth radio, this is great. I cant wait to get my students started on the same theme. However, what software did you use to draw the pictures and what movie making program did you stitch them altogether in. Was it MS Photostory? Anyway, terrific work!

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