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A Collective Welcome to Youth Radio, Year Two

Posted by dogtrax on December 1, 2007



Our launch of the second year of Youth Radio is now underway, as students in a handful of participating schools (Mississippi, Colorado, Michigan and New Jersey) recorded a greeting and sent those files to the Norris School in Massachusetts, where students edited them into one official Welcome podcast.

Take a listen to our greetings

(Two Norris students use Audacity to do some sound editing on the “Welcome to Youth Radio” files)



14 Responses to “A Collective Welcome to Youth Radio, Year Two”

  1. alyson said

    I think it is really cool how people from other states siad were they are on youthradio. It was cool hearing from other classes, in Mississippi, NewJersey,Colorado,and Michigan.I loved the way the class from Mississippi talked, it sounded really cool.

  2. Katie said

    Its cool how you got 4 classes from different states to make 1 podcast!


  3. Carina said

    Everyone did a great job on speaking clearly. It was great to hear how many different age groups are intersted in Youthradio. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you again.


  4. Mackenzie said

    Hi! I love your podcast! I am so glad that you guys dont have spanish accents. Ha ha! listen to our podcast form Califonia. Bye!

  5. Mira said

    That was great, and please read our podcast from California and Welcome to youthradio everybody!! πŸ™‚

  6. shyanne said

    Its great to hear how many kids are on youthradio. Its a great program and i cant wait to hear Alot more posts. I thought that your greetings were great πŸ™‚ !!

  7. shyanne said

    Great Work everyone πŸ™‚ ! you guys were very loud and clear. I could understand everything you were saying! Its great to hear from kids around the world. Cant wait to hear from everyone soon!

  8. nadine said

    wow! that was a great job i really liked it. Your voices were really clearly and that tune in the background was cool! keep up the good work youthradio!!;)


  9. Erin said

    Hi its great to hear that more peolple are joining youth radio. And it will be great to hear more about your school life.

  10. ashlyn said

    Hi guys that was an interesting podcast!! I hope to hear from you guys soon!! kepp up the good work!!


  11. Ashley K. said

    That was an interesting podcast hearing greetings from five different schools in different states. This podcast has made me excited into podcasting.

  12. Mira said

    It’s really cool how students can get together on this website! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

    – Mira

  13. tristan said

    thank you for welcoming us and good job you guys spoke very clearly

  14. Haylee said

    It’s great to hear students come together! Great Job. I hope to hear more podcasts. πŸ™‚

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